Essence makeup review (I love it)

Happy Sunday everyone hope you are all well.  

I have been a little quiet lately on my blog as you know i have a youtube channel now and i am focusing on getting good contents and videos out there for you all to watch, my youtube  name is; natural blonde and there are videos about makeup, fashion and primark shopping hauls so go over and have a snoop if you haven’t already. 

This week my addiction for makeup has grown a lot after discovering this brand called Essence in my local Wilkinsons store, you can also buy from too if you are interested in trying this makeup.

I have never seen nor heard of this brand before but its euro’s no.1 makeup brand so i was keen to try some products and let you know my thoughts on them and I Love it, its super affordable, the quality is great, nice packaging, great selection of colours and it wears really well too so thats a bonus, here are a few bits i picked up to try.


As you can see from this image i picked up alot of pink shades as thats what i seem to be drawn too atthe minute plus they suit my skin well.

This is the 1st lipstick i picked up in the Shade no.7 natural beauty its a pinky nude tone and it wears really well on my lips the colour lasted me about 4 hours yesterday without having to go over it again i would recommend this shade if like me you love a pinky lipstick and its was super cheap at £2.30! Yes guys £2.30! 

This is the 2nd lipstick i got in the shade no.3 wow effect its a sheer and shine lipstick in a browny nude but it swatched really nice in the store and i was super happy with the colour and the formula of it and this was evern cheaper at £2.00.

This is the 3rd lipstick lip crayon i bought in the shade no.2 peony star its a matte lip crayon but the colour is beautiful yetagain another pinky nude shade but it stays on my lips without them looking cracked or dry like most other matte lip colours out there by other brands this was also only £2.00 and comes in other shades.

 This is one of there many concealers i picked it up in the shade no.30 pure honey as you may know i love the collection concealer and swear by it but i wanted to test this and see if its any good and so far the past 3 days ive been wearing it i love it and recommend trying it they have different shades available too and this was £2.50.

Now moving onto blusher this is in the shade no.20 all you need is pink and its one of there mosaic blushers which come in 3 other colours i prefer a mixed blusher as its easier than buying a pink one or a peach one or a lighter one for winter and so on, this so far is proving positive and i like the colour combination if gives my cheeks this was also £2.50.

This is 1 of 3 eyeshadows i picked up this is in the shade no.6 called rose razzle dazzle and i loved the metallic effect and you canwear this dry or wet for a better colour covergae and its long lasting this was £2.00 and comes in other shades.

These last 3 items i purchased must have sold out as i am unable to find the images online but they are in my main picture above.

I also picked up the velvet effect eyeshadow in the shade no.8 coral me baby which is a velvety soft pink shade at £2.00.

Aswell as a gold shimmery eyeshadow in shade no.18 all i need which will be lovely for the corner of your eyes to brighter them up this was also £2.00.

I also got my hands on the last one in store of the matte long lasting lipgloss in the shade no.02 beauty approved this is probably my favourite matte lip colour i own it reminds me of the kylie jenner Dolcie k except its a super cheap version and looks amazing on this was £3.00 i think might have been less than that but its worth buying if you cant afford the kylie one or just want to compre it or add it to your collection like i am.

My overall view is i wish i came across this brand sooner as i love the selection they have and the colours of the products such a wide selection and something for everyone so if you are interested in trying it out then have a snoop on there website.

I am also going to do a video on my youtube channel of the products too so keep a look out for that.


Thanks for reading and let me know if you have used these products before or decided to give them a try after reading this. 

Amy x 


Embroidered Denim A Must have Trend for SS17

Happy Saturday everyone hope you are all well, 

I love fashion, clothes and especially this trend for ss17 we saw this creeping into the shop late last year in autumn and winter and now its back and its a must have for our wardrobes, the designers are putting embroidery on there bags and shoes and now the high streets are putting it on their denim and shirts.

I have looked at a few of the best jeans i can find with the embroidered detail on them and here they are below; 

Petit range ideally up to height 5ft3

Petit embroidered Emily mom jeans


Great with heels as seen on the model or with an off the shoulder top and some metallic mules.

I personally love these and i am defiantly considering getting myself a pair for the season as they are one of the most affordable and nicest pair i have come across.

Topshop Moto Mom floral embroidered jeans


Come in all sizes starting from a 24″ waist

Great with statement trainers or converse and a bomber jacket

I do love these but i wont pay the money for them as its a lot for a trend but they are lovely.

Glamorous tall boyfriend jean with embroidered leg

£22.50 in the sale limited sizes left

To me these remind me of the Gucci trend with the red snake on the the leg as they did something similar on their last collection.

I love these as i always prefer to wear dark jeans over blue jeans but they don’t have my size and i would have to have them taken up a lot.

Zara embroidered mid rise blue jeans 

Available in black 


I love Zara jeans and these are great they are more subtle with the embroidery on the leg but it still works and looks good when worn with a nice crisp white shirt tucked in and loafers.


New Look blue floral embroidered pocket straight leg jeans

£15.99 in the sale limited sizes available 

These are great for adding that detail to under the pockets instead on the side of the leg like most jeans i personally love these and if they where in my size i would be adding them to my collection.

I would wear these with a white tee and plain white trainers to give a casual look then add a bomber jacket for the finished look.
Pretty little

Plt Asos 

Plt embroidered denim jeans


I love the colours of the embroidery on these ones as it pops more on the jeans, these are more casual in my opinion to wear with a basic tee and converse.

Overall these are the best pairs i could find without breaking the bank to follow the trend for spring and summer, I also saw some in Primark too in blue and black so i would snap them in if your local store has them as they well sell out.

Don’t miss out on the trend and grab a bargain.

Ideally this is the look i want to recreate as this to me is a outfit to nice not to be worn out in public. (picture grabbed from Pinterest)

As this is a trend which is worn by celebs and blogger not all of us are as brave to wear it head to toe, you could introduce a jacket with embroidery on the back or a handbag to create your own look for this trend.

This same trend was around when i was in senior school and i used to have lots of jeans with studs pearls, beads and embroidery on them from Tammy girl a shop for the under 16s back in the early years of 2000 i loved the trend then and still do now except my style has change and i need to make it work for me now i’m in my 30’s i cant wear what the teens do nowadays.

All trends wether it be flare jeans, wedges, fringe jackets, rock tees and now embroidery it all comes around full circle so in another 15 years time it will be back again and your daughter will be wearing it or even yourself.

Thanks for reading x

Designer Vs Dupes are they worth the money?

Hello everyone happy Wednesday

  • Designer; clothing, shoes, bags etc are they really worth the money, good quality or are you paying for the name?
  • Dupes; are they a waste of money or an affordable way to follow trends without going broke? 

Not everyone has the cash lying around or are fortunate enough to be able to splurge on those designer goods that we all love and wish we could have but just simply cant justify or afford it.

I am thats person that loves designer bags more so than the clothes as the clothes aren’t always made any better than a top you can get in a high street shop, i know this as my mum has worked in fashion for over 40 years and i know how things are made and how much they cost to make and in my opinion designer items people buy because they think its higher quality but thats not the case.

  • I.eDiesel jeans are made in the same factory that high street jeans are but sold at a higher price because its a designer brand unlike topshop or river island which are a third of the price.

Here are a few items i own or have seen great dupes of and if you cant afford those finer things or the designer bag your lusting over but need to save more than a year for then this might be of interest to you;

1st item Designer; i came across are the Gucci fur loafers which are bang on trend for ss17

Gucci Princetown Leather Loafers;

Real hibiscus Leather

Variety of colours

Real lamb fur lining

Available from;

rrp £715 + 

score: 4/5

1st item Dupe; i do own these and they are an affordable and a great alternative to the real ones above for less than £700.

Women’s Horse Bit Slip on Loafers;

Faux Leather

Faux fur

Variety of colours

Available from; Ebay

rrp £12.95 

score; 5/5

2nd item Designer; Chloe faye bag very popular in 2016 as seen on lots of celebrities became the IT bag of the summer.

Chloe Faye Medium bag;

Smooth Leather 

Real suede flap

variety of sizes & Colours

Available from; Harrords

rrp £1,280.00

score; 4/5

2nd item Dupe; The dupe version i’ve found is identical apart from where it says Chloe on the flap, this is a great alternative.

Velocia Chain detail flap body bag;

Faux leather

Faux suede flap

Chain detailing

Variety of colours

Available from; Yes style

rrp £30.31

score; 5/5

3rd item Designer; Eugenia Kim beach hat as seen on most bloggers and celebrities on holidays a great statement hat to accompany that bikini in the Bahamas.

Eugenia Kim Do Not Disturb sequin hat;

Embellished Do Not Disturb in Sequins

Available from; Harvey  Nichols

rrp £340.00

score; 4/5

3rd item Dupe; Statement beach straw hat great for those summer holidays at a lot more of an affordable price and who would know any different.

Lady summer sun beach floppy derby embroidered hat;

variety of colours 

embroidered detailing

Available from; Ebay

rrp £6.85

score; 5/5

4th item Designer; Gucci Dionysus bag this is the IT bag at the minute i don’t think i haven’t seen a celebrity who doesn’t own this bag, Gucci are producing lots of nice items lately and i know this wont be a bag that will be in fashion in a years time.

Gucci Dionysus bag;

Variety of sizes

Variety of colours

Tiger head fastener 

Silver chain strap

available from;

rrp £1,630.00

score; 5/5

4th item Dupe; If you love this bag as much as i do then you will want to get your hands on this seasonal statement piece.

Axixi snakeskin cross pink bag;

Variety of colours

Variety of sizes

Tiger head horse shape fastener

Silver chain strap

Available from; Yes style

rrp £25.56

score; 5/5

5th item Designer; Charlotte Tilbury this is a luxury makeup brand that releases beautiful packaged items loved by lots of celebrities and makeup artists.

Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow;

Light to medium

Highlighter uses light flex to give a radiance complexion

Bronzer mimics a sun kissed complexion

Available from; House of Fraser

rrp £49.00

score; 4/5

5th item Dupe; W7 bronze & Glow duo is a great dupe to the CT one above and a lot cheaper and looks identical minus the gold packaging.

W7 Hollywood bronze & glow;

Great or contouring

Highlight has a good pigmentation

Light to medium

Available from; W7 or Ebay

rrp £2.99

score; 4/5

6th item Designer; Urban Decay Naked 3 nude eyeshadow palette this sold out when it was released 4 years ago and i got my hands on 1 for Christmas, its beautifully packaged and has a selection of shimmers and pearl shadows to chose from.

Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette;

12 Nude / pink shadows

Comes with a mirror and brush

Available from; Debenhams

rrp £39.50

score; 4/5

6th item Dupe; A very similar nude eyeshadow palette by a popular affordable makeup brand which gives off the same shimmer and pigments you would get from the UD one.

Makeup Revolution iconic 3 palette;

12 Nude / pink shadows

Comes with a brush to apply but no mirror

Available from; Tam

rrp £4.00

score; 5/5

7th item Designer; Bobbi Brown bronze shimmer brick highly used by makeup artists and professionals great for those cheekbones and sun kissed faces.

Bobbi Brown Shimmer brick bronze; 

2 bricks to chose from

Bb black packaging

5 Highlight / bronzing shades to use individually or together

Available from; House of Fraser

rrp £34.00

score; 5/5

7th item Dupe; Affordable shimmer brick more or less identical to the BB one above, great for definition on the cheekbones and a warm bronzing glow.

Makeup Revolution Vivid shimmer brick;

2 bricks to chose from

Cheaper packaging

Great highlight and bronze tones

Available from;

rrp £3.00

score; 5/5

I wanted to write this blog as i know everyone thinks buying high end means it better but this isn’t the case as there are similar versions of everything we use at a lot more reasonable and affordable prices.

My advice is shop around.

Thanks for reading x

My Top 5 January Beauty Products

Happy Tuesday everyone i do hope you are all well.

As you will know i love makeup, beauty products and anything that can make me look alive and prettier.

I have bought some new makeup products this month as well as a trusty holy grail product i use all the time and swear by.

Beauty Products i am loving this month are; 

1. NIVEA POST SHAVE BALM; I was recommended to use this as a face primer before applying makeup and i am not going to lie its brilliant, in such a short space of time i have noticed a difference in my skin and how well my foundation stays on my face, its no longer oily or shinny and its a great alternative if you don’t want to spend lots of money on other primers which may not be as good.

This product is sold in most supermarkets and drugstores but i got mine from B&M bargains for £2.99.

2. PRIMARK AQUA LASH WATERPROOF BLACK MASCARA; I don’t like to buy mascara that isn’t waterproof there is nothing worse than seeing black streams coming down peoples faces when they are upset, i used to buy the Benefit They’re not real mascara but i couldn’t justify spending £17 on it every few months and it wasn’t waterproof so i started using Maybeline mascaras which are good and a lot more affordable, i recently watched a youtuber who said Primark mascara was underrated so i thought i would give it a go and so far so good, its not clumpy like some mascaras can be i do have to give my lashes a couple of coats while using this but for an everyday mascara you cant go wrong.

This Aqua lash waterproof mascara is only available in Primark stores and it retails at only £2.

3. RIMMEL MATCH PERFECTION FOUNDATION; I recently watched well known youTuber Zoella do a drugstore video and this was one of the items she had purchase and i wanted to give it ago and i am far from disappointed this foundation apply’s lovely on my skin it last most of the day easily until i take my makeup off in the evening, its comes in 12 different shades to suit a lot of skin tones and has a spf 20 in which most foundations nowadays usually have in my opinion this is a great drugstore foundation.

The Rimmel Match perfection foundations are sold at most drugstores and i got min from Boots on offer 2 Rimmel products for £10 I got the shade Classic beige due to my skin being pale at the minute this retails for £7.99.

4. COLLECTION LASTING PERFECTION CONCEALER; This is my holy grail when it comes to concealers i’ve been using this product since summer last year and i have yet to try a better concealer on the market, this is great for under the eyes and hiding those imperfections and blemishes we all tend to get, i love this product and i think majority of people i know also love it and swear by it if you have yet to try it i would highly recommend it.

The Collection concealers are available from most drugstores and even supermarkets they retail at £4.19.

5. MAKEUP REVOLUTION ROSE GOLD LIPSTICK IN CHAUFFEUR; This lipstick is something i came across by accident when looking on a website called Tam beauty which sells all makeup revolution products and freedom makeup they also had this in a matte lipstick but i chose this one instead and i’m glad i did i have nearly ran out of this and need to replace it but they are currently out of stock due to it being so popular its a nude pinky shade which every woman loves and has in her makeup collection it wears really well too and the colour is enough to wear on its own without mixing another lipstick with it i would recommend giving this ago especially for the price.

Rose Gold Chauffeur lipstick is available from Tam Beauty and Superdrug online i am yet to spot it in store this retails for £3.

That comes to the end of my January Beauty favourites let me know if you have tried these are if you can recommend other makeup for me to try and review, also if you haven’t already go and check out my YouTube channel which is going well and i am hoping to turn this blog into a video on my channel.

My YouTube channel name is; natural blonde 

Thanks for reading x

Dealing with Anxiety & Depression at work

Happy Wednesday everyone i hope you are all well.

This is something i can give my first hand experience on as i suffered with this at my last job as an Estate Agent, I read an article in the Daily Mail yesterday and I was very surprised in how many people this affects in the workplace It may pay your bills but your day job could be wrecking havoc on your mental health.


You spend most of your life at work working 40 hours a week for a low payed job to scrape by every month which leaves you struggling and has an impact on your mental health, a lot of people go off sick from work due to stress, not enjoying the job, they don’t like their boss, they are being bullied in the workplace, under too much pressure and so on.

I know what its like to HATE a job i did it for 10 months and it came to a point i couldn’t take it any longer and i QUIT! I was being paid badly less than minimum wage working for a Cooperate company doing 40 hours a week, I didn’t get on with my manager or area manager (Lets put it this I wasn’t an arse licker so because of this i was treated poorly by Managers, as i didn’t agree with how the company was run are how it treated their employees).

I used to dread getting up for work I always wanted to think of an excuse not to be there, i spend most nights driving home from work crying as i hated it that much i would tell my manager how i felt and would be ignored I got sick of being treated this way and it had a huge impact on my anxiety and health it wasn’t worth getting ill for so i left as my health was more important to me than that job was.


  • DIFFICULTY SLEEPING; Waking up in the night, being restless before bed time, unable to relax in bed, having to much on your mind.
  • SHORT TEMPERED; Stress has a big impact on our temper especially if we are unhappy with a situation we find it easier to lose our tempers.
  • UNABLE TO CONCENTRATE; Being unable to focus on one thing for a period of time, easily distracted, lack of interest in whats going on, steering out the window more,
  • UNABLE TO CARE ANYMORE; If you aren’t interested in the products or the customers or the company.
  • WAKING UP WITH A FEELING OF DREAD; Alarm goes off in the morning and anxiety kicks in with reality knowing you have to go to work, not wanting to get out of bed looking for ways to get out of work and stay home.
  • BEING EMOTIONAL; Getting upset easily over things that wouldn’t normally bother you, feeling sad instead of happy.
  • DISTANCING YOURSELF FROM OTHERS; Not getting involved in conversations going on or planned nights out, you just want to be on your own.
  • PASSION HAS GONE; You no longer like the job or enjoy going everyday, you have fell out of love with what you do or the company, you feel your being taken for granted.

If you feel like you have any of these and its due to work i would advise you to speak to a Dr and your family as this isn’t something that just goes away if you ignore it, Depression and Anxiety can have a huge impact on your life and mental health the main thing here is to look after yourselves.

Don’t let a job get you down make a change in your life and do something that will make you happy its never to late to put yourself first.

I am not suggesting that everyone should quit their jobs but if its making you miserable then don’t allow for a job to have an impact on your health.

You get one shot at life so don’t settle for less than you deserve.

Thanks for reading x

My Top 10 Tips & Advice on Buying/ Selling your house

Happy Wednesday everyone i hope you are all well,

I have decided to do a post all about my experience as an ex estate agent and wanted to give you some tips and advice on what to do.

  • FIRST TIME BUYER; If your a (first time buyer) and have no clue in regards to whats involved when buying a house then i would suggest you research areas you want to live as all areas vary in house prices, Before going to look at houses make sure you have a mortgage in principle (mip) from your lender as this will only last for a maximum of 90 days depending on the mortgage lender you are using, this shows you are in a position to buy a home and can commit to proceed through the sales ladder as if you don’t have one of these you are unable to commit to make an offer on a house you have fell in love with.
  • WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A HIGH STREET AGENT AND AN ONLINE AGENT? There are lots if not too many high street agents around nowadays and a lot of competition between the agents, there are good and bad points to selling with a high street agent but MY ADVICE is to go with an INDEPENDENT AGENT who aren’t a chain or ran by cooperate company as you end up paying over the top fees for very little work as they brand there name on the board outside of your home and expect you to do all the work yourself after they have charged you a 2.5% fee. An ONLINE AGENT is the new way to sell your home except they take an upfront fee of £750 and do little work for this as you do your own viewings, sale chasing and arrangements for solicitors you think your saving money but in my opinion your wasting money as it doesn’t end up working out with you and the online agents and you have to then use a high street agents.
  • RESEARCH OTHER HOUSE’S FOR SALE IN THE AREA;  Always do your research before putting your house on the market to what price you can expect to achieve, look at similar house’s to your own in the area i.e (3 bedroom, 1 bath, detached, single garage, long garden etc) as this is clearer to compare yours and determine if your has more to offer or not, don’t expect to get £10k more because your kitchen cost £15k It makes NO DIFFERENCE in the valuation of the house.
  • IS THERE A RIGHT TIME TO SELL YOUR HOME? Sales agents LIE when asked this question as they always say NO! but i disagree from my experience i know the summer months when its the school holidays is the slowest time for people wanting to sell or buy as they are mostly on holiday with their families or waiting until September once the children are back at school, THE BEST TIME TO SELL IS AFTER CHRISTMAS AND SPRING.

  • GET AT LEAST 3 AGENTS TO VALUE YOUR HOME AND SELL YOU THERE SALES PITCH BEFORE DECIDING WHO TO USE; Agents will tell you what you want to hear they will say we have lots of people looking for a house just like yours or this will sell in no time (THIS IS ALL A SALES PITCH LIE) yes they have people on the system with a criteria matching your home but they have a smaller budget or want a different area, corner plot, closer to a school, not on a main road and so on. MY ADVICE get 3 VALUATIONS along with the fee’s for using them and let them wait until you have made a decision as agents are relentless and will ring you every hour until you pick them.
  • KEEP THE AGENTS ON THEIR TOES; Make sure you are getting your monies worth from the agency you decide to use as once you have signed the contract and your house is on the market they wont do anything else for you, you will be chasing them for feedback or viewings, get the agents to do the viewings on your home as this is something you are paying them for unless you want to do your own viewings but i wouldn’t advise this, Tell them you want weekly updates on how many brochures they have sent out to people and once a viewing has taken place get them to give you feedback whether it be good or bad.
  • SHOP AROUND FOR MORTGAGE RATES; All estate agents have their own mortgage advisors but they don’t always work out with the best rates for you, ask your bank first and then sit down with the agents broker as the 1st meeting is free there is no harm in shopping around (ALWAYS CHECK THE TERMS, HIDDEN FEE’S AND ANY UPFRONT PAYMENTS).
  • PROFESSIONAL PHOTOS WHEN SELLING YOUR HOUSE; Packages are a huge deal with high street agents as they make more money for up selling professional photos and a video tour on Rightmove and Zoopla the company i used to work for wouldn’t sell anyones house if the homeowner didn’t decide they wanted this package which cost you an upfront fee of £250 plus 2.5% on completion of the sale, As good as professional photos look when selling your home the towel draped over the bath and pots and pans in the sink didn’t and this is a big NO NO! CLEAN UP AND TIDY THE HOUSE.

  • ASK FRIEND, FAMILY AND NEIGHBOURS; If someone on your street has there home up for sale also knock on there door and ask them would they recommend their agents? The same if you know someone buying a house would they recommend who they are using to buy through (EVERYTHING NOWADAYS COME WITH RECOMMENDATION).

  • THE SALES PROCESS; To sell a house there is no time limit on how fast it will sell it all depends on the house, location, the buyer , the time of year and yourselves for how motivated you are to sell, Once you have sold your home depending on who’s bought it will depend on how fast the sales progression will take here are the 3 most common examples; 
  1. FIRST TIME BUYER – They have nothing to sell and have a mortgage in place to commit to the sale this will take 8-10 weeks for the sale to complete.
  2. MORTGAGED – This is a buyer who is porting there existing mortgage over to the new home and this can take a little longer as they are in a chain with there buyer and this could lead to delays in the chain this will normally take 10-12 weeks (depending on the chain).
  3. CASH BUYER – This is the quickest out of all sales to complete as there is less work with solicitors involved as theirs no mortgage on the property this can take no longer than 6 weeks.

This concludes my tips and advice on buying and selling your home, I hope it has helped some of you out and i am thinking of doing this blog as a video on my YouTube channel let me know if this is something you would like to see.

Thanks for reading x

Starting my own youTube channel

Happy Sunday everyone i hope you are all well.

Let me start by telling you all the NEWS I now have my own youTube channel called Natural blonde (the same name as my blog) I decided late last year that i was going to do something completely different and out of my comfort zone and start my own channel for people to watch as i love watching so many youTubers myself and thought i would give it a go, i might decide in a few months its not for me and stop making videos but for now its something i wanted to do and i am excited to start my very own youTube journey.

The reasons for me wanting to do this is for me and my confidence as when i meet people for the first time i am very confident but when it comes to filming a video for the world to watch its slightly more daunting if i over think it (which i am trying not to do) I wanted to do something for me for once as when i started my blog last year i never knew how much i would enjoy writing posts every week or how much you guys would like reading them and relate to them.

I have decided to do some videos on my channel which collate with some previous blog posts i have written for example;

  • Living and working in Dubai
  • Anxiety and mental health chats
  • Being gluten free
  • Shopping and beauty hauls

I am at the stage in my life when i don’t want to dread getting up for work in the morning or tell people i hate my boring job as i have done that for the past 14 years this is the year i do something for me and try and turn a hobby and passion into possible opportunities it might not work out for me but i am not going to let any negative people or comments stop me from doing something i want to do, negativity just fuels the fire for me as it makes me more determined to do something and succeed.

This is my first vlog which is live on youTube from Sunday 15th Jan and its a short trailer with clips and images of me and what kind of things you can expect from my channel, i decided on a trailer as when you see a new film come out you always get snippets and clips of what to expect which makes you either want to watch it or not and thats the same for my 1st video.

I have watched all the people on Youtube i am subscribed to 1st ever videos to get an idea and understanding of how far they have come on and all of them started off with nerves, not the right equipment or lighting but this comes with time and experience the same as it will for me as i have a camera, tripod, good editing software and i am relying on natural light as i am yet to invest in a good ring light.

I am not going to ramble on anymore i just hope you all take the time to have a look on my youTube channel and support me as much as you have my blog post.

I will still be writing my blogs every week on here and i am looking into working with a company to make my blog stand out more so watch this space…

Thanks for reading x 

My top 10 Fashion items for January

Happy Monday everyone hope your all well and had a lovely weekend.

I am in desperate need for new clothes at the minute as my least favourite time of the year to buy for is winter and knowing that spring will be around soon and these thick coats and wooly jumpers are fading out in all the sales i can actually start looking for items i will get my wear out of.

 I love online shopping i think its the best thing to do on a Sunday from the comfort of your own home I am the typical online shopper who sits in my Disney pyjamas, wearing no makeup, with a nice cup of Yorkshire tea and card details at hand ready to do some damage.

I think my dislike of shopping in stores came from working in retail for 10 years i used to work for Next and thats enough to put anyone off when the sales are on and you on the rota to work Boxing day at 4am and the queues are ridiculous.

Here are my Top 10 Fashion items i am loving at the minute and will defiantly be adding into my wardrobe;

  • 1st place i looked at was my favourite high street store which is ZARA and they do some have still decent things in the sale that you can carry through to other seasons but the main items i liked where in the new SPRING/ SUMMER COLLECTION all at affordable prices.

These jeans are in the new collection from the TRF section and they are the embroidered black jeans that are all the rage and at £29.99 they are a MUST HAVE in your wardrobe i would be quick though if you did like them as they are limited to sizes online.

These jeans are also from the TRF section and these ones are the faded black frayed hem jeans which are also very popular in most high street stores these are only £29.99 and limited sizes are left online as they are going to be popular this year.

This white ruffle sleeve detail shirt seems to be the big trend for ss17 as most stores are selling these in various designs i thought this was really nice with the pocket detail and the ruffle on the elbows this is £29.99 and you cant go wrong with a staple white shirt in your wardrobe.

  • 2nd place i looked at was ASOS i don’t usually shop on here for things as the website always seems to crash on me when i am looking and the quality of some of the clothes i’ve gotten from there before aren’t very good or worth the money, but i have found these pumps / fashion trainers i liked the look of which are on trend and very affordable.

Here is the 1st pair i’ve found and these are in the sale for £17.50 with the pom pom on the back of the trainer these do come in mint or lilac (I wouldn’t advise wearing these if it rains as the poms will get dirty) and sizes are limited again.

This is the 2nd pair of trainers i found i would describe these as marmite you will ever love these or hate these but i LOVE them they are something Gucci or Sophia Webster would design but a lot more affordable to the average working person, these are £22 and come in half sizes.

  • 3rd place i looked at was TOPSHOP i shop here less and less now days as the fashion online isn’t really aimed at my style and the pricing on some items are quite a lot in compared to other high street stores, i do however always buy my jeans from here as the Jamie jeans are a perfect fit for my figure.

These are the new in Jamie jeans in black with the tassels on the hems they are bang on trend for this year and will be a key piece in your wardrobe for spring and summer these are £46.

These are also from Topshop and they are similar to ones the designer Chanel did a couple of years ago but at 90% cheaper these are really practical for comfort and a great piece to dress up any skinny jeans at only £26 they are something worth buying if you love trainers as much as i do.

  • 4th place i looked was MISSGUIDED i have never bought from here before but i have been after one of these jackets for ages now and i think these will be timeless in our wardrobes and they look more expensive than they are.

This is the jacket i have been after for the last couple of months i have seen lots of bloggers wearing these and i think they are a great statement coat this is the aviator jackets they sell online in a selection of colours this is the nude one and its £65.

  • 5th place i looked at online was EBAY as i am a lover for a bargain and always look through loads of items on here and they have some great fashion pieces and thats when i came across these.

 These little beauties are just like the ones Gucci are doing and i love them but just not the price so i went on a mission to find some similar and eBay didn’t disappoint as they had a selection of colours in faux leather for £12.99.

This was the last item i found is an embroidered striped shirt which i have also seen at zara for sale but for a third of the price at £9.99 on eBay.

So thats all for my items for January to buy let me know if you like these items and what items your looking to buy this month as i am always interested in other peoples style and taste in fashion.

Thanks for reading x

Reflecting on the high’s and low’s of 2016

Happy Friday everybody

So the past year was one of my least favourite out of the 30 years i have been alive, so much happened that i never expected and it changed me so much as person going forward in my life.

Here’s a look back on some of the things that happened in 2016 in my life;

I quit my job and have never looked back or regretted the decision i made;

At the beginning of the year i was working as an estate agent for a well known high street agency and i hated getting up every morning working a job i hated with awful pay (which was less than minimum wage) and i had enough of the blue sky thinking cooperate crap they drill into their employees and i decided to quit my job and i have never looked back on it since, it was the best decision i have ever made, it felt like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders with a massive sigh of relief.

My illness was getting worse and i needed answers to what was wrong with me;

For numerous of years i have been poorly on and off with my stomach and digestive system as i struggle to eat foods and my intestines don’t digest it like a normal persons does, this was making me very unwell to the point i was drained with no energy, sick every time i ate food, tired, headaches and constant bloating, i saw so many drs and consultants last year to get answers and a clear diagnosis that everything came back normal i am still in limbo with no firm name for my illness.

We went on the best family holiday ever to my 2nd home Florida;

So every year since i was 4 we have gone to Florida for a family vacay i love America so much its my favourite place on earth the people the lifestyle the weather everything about it is better than dreary England, Me and dan had a great time and we created some amazing memories while we where there and have decided to get married there this year when we go.

We had to move out of our lovely home;

When we returned from Florida our landlord called to tell us he was selling the house we lived in and we had to look for a new place to live as he wanted to get it sold asap, this was a shock to us as we made it a lovely happy home and spent a lot of money on decorating it and making it look cosy.

Step back in time 5 years and i’ve moved back to my parents house;

I hadn’t lived with my mum and dad for 5 years so to go back to living with them but taking Dan with me and moving us both into my small single bedroom with all of our stuff would be impossible but we have made it work for us and to be honest its cosy and live able.

I became the next Mary Berry;

Due to my diet and lack of food choices i had in my life i decided to start baking all the foods i was missing out on all gluten free of course, so i started to bake cupcakes and then made some cookies, shortbread biscuits and my favourite of all things to bake is my gluten free Victoria sponge cake ands its delicious.

Losing friends that i thought where real that turned out to be fake;

So last year i learnt a hard lesson that not everybody’s like me when it comes to being a good friend and being loyal i have had to learn this the hard way, to some people it may be minor but to me loyalty is a huge thing in a person or a friend and unfortunately for me i had no choice but to cut ties with these people in my life as they took more from me than they gave.

Coping with my anxiety and mental illness again;

Suffering with a mental illness and anxiety is never easy but you learn to cope with it everyday and focus on positive things going on in your life instead of the negatives except towards the end of last year someone i care about very much was experiencing mental illness for the first time and to witness someone go through this everyday took a toll on my own mental health and i started suffering with insomnia and panic attacks due to having little or no sleep and worrying for the other person, this is something i will always live with but its back under control.

Celebrating my 30th Birthday;

On the 28th December i turned 30 even though we didn’t do anything amazing i still had a lovely day celebrating with Dan and my family with lots of lovely presents, cards and money and we will celebrate it properly when we go away in May.

So going forward with 2017 and remaining positive and happy as i believe that’s the key to living healthier and longer in life and to not look bck on the past as it’s exactly that in the past.

Thanks for reading and if you want to read my new years resolutions or other blogs remember to like, comment or follow me as i like hearing your reviews and let me know if you have a blog and ill check it out x

Life’s not a competition

Happy Thursday everyone i hope you are all well and enjoying the new year so far.

This year i am wanting to improve on myself and my goals and ambitions yet struggle when it comes to comparing myself to others who seem to be excelling in life and going from strength to strength.

I can be really hard on myself at times and worry that i am not good enough and doubt my ability to do things which shouldn’t be the case as i know thinking these negative thoughts only prevents me from being happy and following my dreams and goals in life.

The worst place for comparing ourselves is to what we see on social media sites like Instagram, twitter etc and this is so unhealthy to do but judge people on the images they chose to share with their followers and leading them to believe there life’s are perfect, this is far from the truth (Not everyones life is as glamorous as they lead us to believe on social media and we need to stop thinking it is) Photos lie and so do people.

If you look at friends or people you went to school with and compare yourself to what they are doing in life we are all at different stages for different reasons not everything works out the way we planned in our minds things happen to change the direction we go.

  • So what one of your friends married a footballer and have a range rover and a designer wardrobe (who cares).
  • So what your friend got married before you and her wedding cost £15k and they honeymooned in the Maldives (who cares).
  • So what someone you know moved to another country and landed a great job and go on yachts every week (who cares).
  • So what someone you follow on Instagram has more likes on a photo you also put up or have more followers than you (who cares).

What i am trying to get at is comparing ourselves to others just frustrates us and prevents us from being happy with what we have achieved in our lives so far it doesn’t matter if you haven’t reached the goals you had set in life, the only person putting limitations on them is ourselves and we are our own worst enemies for that.

”  on your own grass without looking over your neighbours fence to see how there’s is growing, it’s not a competition who’s is the greenest or grows the fastest.”

I am 30 and ;

  • I still don’t know what career i want in my life.
  • I don’t have a mortgage or own my own house.
  • I am not married.
  • I have no children
  • I don’t go on 4 holidays a year.
  • I haven’t got expensive clothes hanging in my wardrobe.
  • I don’t have a luxury car sat on my drive.

Because i haven’t got any of these things doesn’t mean i have failed, it just means i am not settling for less than what i want in my life, this year i want to focus on me and what i want.

This year we all need to focus on ourselves and stop worrying that others are doing better than us in life, thats what life is, there will always be someone with more money than you or has a bigger house, newer car, multiple holidays a year it doesn’t matter we create our own life’s to fit around us (it’s never to late to make a change).

Thanks for reading and following my blog x