Living with Anxiety my tips and advice

Happy Thursday everyone i do hope you are all well.

I have been wanting to write this for the past 2 weeks but couldn’t get my head in the right frame of mind to get across what i wanted to say.

2 weeks ago tomorrow i woke up with awful anxiety i didn’t want to get out of bed, get dressed, look at my phone, watch the tv i just wanted to leave the curtains shut all day and hide under my duvet like the old days when i suffered like this except today was different i knew i felt sad but couldn’t explain why i felt lost inside my own brain and body like its didn’t belong to me and then all of a sudden it hit me (like a ton of bricks) i had my 1st panic attack in years and i forgot how horrible they are i felt weak, drained, dizzy, heart was racing, i was crying i felt like i didn’t know where i was my palms where sweating i felt sick with cramps if was awful to feel this way again after so long i felt i had let myself down as i thought i had overcome this years ago but obviously not.

My mum was due to go out but she didn’t want to leave me on my own so stayed with me until i fell to sleep and became rested back in my room which was my comfort zone where i felt safe, for all that weekend my moods where up and down and i didn’t leave the house once for fear of having another panic attack yet this time in public.

6 years ago when i became to suffer with depression, anxiety, panic attacks and ocd i had regular counselling for CBT which is cognitive behavoural therapy my therapist was hands down Amazing and she made me become myself again which i never thought would be possible after living with this for 8 months.

Living with anxiety never goes away you just learn to live with it, it can come at any time in your life when you least expect it and it hangs over you like a cloud so for people around me they knew when it was present as i am so happy, outgoing, confident and very determined yet when i get anxious or panicked i become a shell of myself and hate being around people i get shy, stay quiet become emotional at everything and give off an ora to people which is very cold hearted this is why i say i am either (Sunshine or Showers) there is never an in between for me.

I am no longer on medication for anxiety or depression as i didn’t want to rely on something for the rest of my life to make me better i wanted to do it on my own having the set back a couple of weeks ago i could have called mr dr and told him and he would have gave me beta blockers or diazepam which i was on 6 years ago but instead i read my help books and the Charles Linden method book and it prompted me again to think things differently and more positively.

There is a stigma talking about these issues and i hate it because we shouldn’t feel ashamed of this as it affects more of us than we think we all suffer serious things in our life’s which we learn to cope with and become stronger for it, if you are you know someone who is living with this then know you are not alone and people do want to help as they say if you don’t ask you wont get.

Look at it this way do you want to restrict yourself from living the life you want to live than the life your anxiety is letting you live i know i didn’t want to be controlled by that and thats why i still read these help books to remind myself not to let it control me as i need to be in control and have the power.

My Tips on what i do to keep it at bay;

  • Put on a film (distract yourself to not think about it)
  • Go for a walk (fresh air is the best for anxiety and feeling panicked)
  • Listen to music (create a playlist of your favourite songs and sing along)
  • Be creative (i am a crafter and love drawing or making things i find this helps me alot)
  • Go for an afternoon nap (resting throughout the day is sometimes whats needed)
  • Have a relaxing bath (this make your body relax and you sleep better at night)
  • Talk (tell people around you how your feeling so they can help)
  • Read (self help cbt, anxiety, Charles linden books they help)
  • Fight (pick fight over flight as they makes us stronger for facing our fears and anxiousness)
  • Breath (take deep breaths as it feels like your having a heart attack but its the body defending whats happening)
  • Positive (be as positive as you can look for the good in every day)

I do hope this has helped reading my experience with anxiety and how i try to keep it at bay or face it when it happens.

I do have a youtube channel now; natural blonde 

I was thinking of turning my experience of this in to a video on my channel let me know if you would be interested in seeing this or let me know how you deal with anxiety and panic attacks be good to hear from you.

Thanks for reading x

Dealing with Anxiety & Depression at work

Happy Wednesday everyone i hope you are all well.

This is something i can give my first hand experience on as i suffered with this at my last job as an Estate Agent, I read an article in the Daily Mail yesterday and I was very surprised in how many people this affects in the workplace It may pay your bills but your day job could be wrecking havoc on your mental health.


You spend most of your life at work working 40 hours a week for a low payed job to scrape by every month which leaves you struggling and has an impact on your mental health, a lot of people go off sick from work due to stress, not enjoying the job, they don’t like their boss, they are being bullied in the workplace, under too much pressure and so on.

I know what its like to HATE a job i did it for 10 months and it came to a point i couldn’t take it any longer and i QUIT! I was being paid badly less than minimum wage working for a Cooperate company doing 40 hours a week, I didn’t get on with my manager or area manager (Lets put it this I wasn’t an arse licker so because of this i was treated poorly by Managers, as i didn’t agree with how the company was run are how it treated their employees).

I used to dread getting up for work I always wanted to think of an excuse not to be there, i spend most nights driving home from work crying as i hated it that much i would tell my manager how i felt and would be ignored I got sick of being treated this way and it had a huge impact on my anxiety and health it wasn’t worth getting ill for so i left as my health was more important to me than that job was.


  • DIFFICULTY SLEEPING; Waking up in the night, being restless before bed time, unable to relax in bed, having to much on your mind.
  • SHORT TEMPERED; Stress has a big impact on our temper especially if we are unhappy with a situation we find it easier to lose our tempers.
  • UNABLE TO CONCENTRATE; Being unable to focus on one thing for a period of time, easily distracted, lack of interest in whats going on, steering out the window more,
  • UNABLE TO CARE ANYMORE; If you aren’t interested in the products or the customers or the company.
  • WAKING UP WITH A FEELING OF DREAD; Alarm goes off in the morning and anxiety kicks in with reality knowing you have to go to work, not wanting to get out of bed looking for ways to get out of work and stay home.
  • BEING EMOTIONAL; Getting upset easily over things that wouldn’t normally bother you, feeling sad instead of happy.
  • DISTANCING YOURSELF FROM OTHERS; Not getting involved in conversations going on or planned nights out, you just want to be on your own.
  • PASSION HAS GONE; You no longer like the job or enjoy going everyday, you have fell out of love with what you do or the company, you feel your being taken for granted.

If you feel like you have any of these and its due to work i would advise you to speak to a Dr and your family as this isn’t something that just goes away if you ignore it, Depression and Anxiety can have a huge impact on your life and mental health the main thing here is to look after yourselves.

Don’t let a job get you down make a change in your life and do something that will make you happy its never to late to put yourself first.

I am not suggesting that everyone should quit their jobs but if its making you miserable then don’t allow for a job to have an impact on your health.

You get one shot at life so don’t settle for less than you deserve.

Thanks for reading x

My Top 10 Tips & Advice on Buying/ Selling your house

Happy Wednesday everyone i hope you are all well,

I have decided to do a post all about my experience as an ex estate agent and wanted to give you some tips and advice on what to do.

  • FIRST TIME BUYER; If your a (first time buyer) and have no clue in regards to whats involved when buying a house then i would suggest you research areas you want to live as all areas vary in house prices, Before going to look at houses make sure you have a mortgage in principle (mip) from your lender as this will only last for a maximum of 90 days depending on the mortgage lender you are using, this shows you are in a position to buy a home and can commit to proceed through the sales ladder as if you don’t have one of these you are unable to commit to make an offer on a house you have fell in love with.
  • WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A HIGH STREET AGENT AND AN ONLINE AGENT? There are lots if not too many high street agents around nowadays and a lot of competition between the agents, there are good and bad points to selling with a high street agent but MY ADVICE is to go with an INDEPENDENT AGENT who aren’t a chain or ran by cooperate company as you end up paying over the top fees for very little work as they brand there name on the board outside of your home and expect you to do all the work yourself after they have charged you a 2.5% fee. An ONLINE AGENT is the new way to sell your home except they take an upfront fee of £750 and do little work for this as you do your own viewings, sale chasing and arrangements for solicitors you think your saving money but in my opinion your wasting money as it doesn’t end up working out with you and the online agents and you have to then use a high street agents.
  • RESEARCH OTHER HOUSE’S FOR SALE IN THE AREA;  Always do your research before putting your house on the market to what price you can expect to achieve, look at similar house’s to your own in the area i.e (3 bedroom, 1 bath, detached, single garage, long garden etc) as this is clearer to compare yours and determine if your has more to offer or not, don’t expect to get £10k more because your kitchen cost £15k It makes NO DIFFERENCE in the valuation of the house.
  • IS THERE A RIGHT TIME TO SELL YOUR HOME? Sales agents LIE when asked this question as they always say NO! but i disagree from my experience i know the summer months when its the school holidays is the slowest time for people wanting to sell or buy as they are mostly on holiday with their families or waiting until September once the children are back at school, THE BEST TIME TO SELL IS AFTER CHRISTMAS AND SPRING.

  • GET AT LEAST 3 AGENTS TO VALUE YOUR HOME AND SELL YOU THERE SALES PITCH BEFORE DECIDING WHO TO USE; Agents will tell you what you want to hear they will say we have lots of people looking for a house just like yours or this will sell in no time (THIS IS ALL A SALES PITCH LIE) yes they have people on the system with a criteria matching your home but they have a smaller budget or want a different area, corner plot, closer to a school, not on a main road and so on. MY ADVICE get 3 VALUATIONS along with the fee’s for using them and let them wait until you have made a decision as agents are relentless and will ring you every hour until you pick them.
  • KEEP THE AGENTS ON THEIR TOES; Make sure you are getting your monies worth from the agency you decide to use as once you have signed the contract and your house is on the market they wont do anything else for you, you will be chasing them for feedback or viewings, get the agents to do the viewings on your home as this is something you are paying them for unless you want to do your own viewings but i wouldn’t advise this, Tell them you want weekly updates on how many brochures they have sent out to people and once a viewing has taken place get them to give you feedback whether it be good or bad.
  • SHOP AROUND FOR MORTGAGE RATES; All estate agents have their own mortgage advisors but they don’t always work out with the best rates for you, ask your bank first and then sit down with the agents broker as the 1st meeting is free there is no harm in shopping around (ALWAYS CHECK THE TERMS, HIDDEN FEE’S AND ANY UPFRONT PAYMENTS).
  • PROFESSIONAL PHOTOS WHEN SELLING YOUR HOUSE; Packages are a huge deal with high street agents as they make more money for up selling professional photos and a video tour on Rightmove and Zoopla the company i used to work for wouldn’t sell anyones house if the homeowner didn’t decide they wanted this package which cost you an upfront fee of £250 plus 2.5% on completion of the sale, As good as professional photos look when selling your home the towel draped over the bath and pots and pans in the sink didn’t and this is a big NO NO! CLEAN UP AND TIDY THE HOUSE.

  • ASK FRIEND, FAMILY AND NEIGHBOURS; If someone on your street has there home up for sale also knock on there door and ask them would they recommend their agents? The same if you know someone buying a house would they recommend who they are using to buy through (EVERYTHING NOWADAYS COME WITH RECOMMENDATION).

  • THE SALES PROCESS; To sell a house there is no time limit on how fast it will sell it all depends on the house, location, the buyer , the time of year and yourselves for how motivated you are to sell, Once you have sold your home depending on who’s bought it will depend on how fast the sales progression will take here are the 3 most common examples; 
  1. FIRST TIME BUYER – They have nothing to sell and have a mortgage in place to commit to the sale this will take 8-10 weeks for the sale to complete.
  2. MORTGAGED – This is a buyer who is porting there existing mortgage over to the new home and this can take a little longer as they are in a chain with there buyer and this could lead to delays in the chain this will normally take 10-12 weeks (depending on the chain).
  3. CASH BUYER – This is the quickest out of all sales to complete as there is less work with solicitors involved as theirs no mortgage on the property this can take no longer than 6 weeks.

This concludes my tips and advice on buying and selling your home, I hope it has helped some of you out and i am thinking of doing this blog as a video on my YouTube channel let me know if this is something you would like to see.

Thanks for reading x

Starting my own youTube channel

Happy Sunday everyone i hope you are all well.

Let me start by telling you all the NEWS I now have my own youTube channel called Natural blonde (the same name as my blog) I decided late last year that i was going to do something completely different and out of my comfort zone and start my own channel for people to watch as i love watching so many youTubers myself and thought i would give it a go, i might decide in a few months its not for me and stop making videos but for now its something i wanted to do and i am excited to start my very own youTube journey.

The reasons for me wanting to do this is for me and my confidence as when i meet people for the first time i am very confident but when it comes to filming a video for the world to watch its slightly more daunting if i over think it (which i am trying not to do) I wanted to do something for me for once as when i started my blog last year i never knew how much i would enjoy writing posts every week or how much you guys would like reading them and relate to them.

I have decided to do some videos on my channel which collate with some previous blog posts i have written for example;

  • Living and working in Dubai
  • Anxiety and mental health chats
  • Being gluten free
  • Shopping and beauty hauls

I am at the stage in my life when i don’t want to dread getting up for work in the morning or tell people i hate my boring job as i have done that for the past 14 years this is the year i do something for me and try and turn a hobby and passion into possible opportunities it might not work out for me but i am not going to let any negative people or comments stop me from doing something i want to do, negativity just fuels the fire for me as it makes me more determined to do something and succeed.

This is my first vlog which is live on youTube from Sunday 15th Jan and its a short trailer with clips and images of me and what kind of things you can expect from my channel, i decided on a trailer as when you see a new film come out you always get snippets and clips of what to expect which makes you either want to watch it or not and thats the same for my 1st video.

I have watched all the people on Youtube i am subscribed to 1st ever videos to get an idea and understanding of how far they have come on and all of them started off with nerves, not the right equipment or lighting but this comes with time and experience the same as it will for me as i have a camera, tripod, good editing software and i am relying on natural light as i am yet to invest in a good ring light.

I am not going to ramble on anymore i just hope you all take the time to have a look on my youTube channel and support me as much as you have my blog post.

I will still be writing my blogs every week on here and i am looking into working with a company to make my blog stand out more so watch this space…

Thanks for reading x 

Reflecting on the high’s and low’s of 2016

Happy Friday everybody

So the past year was one of my least favourite out of the 30 years i have been alive, so much happened that i never expected and it changed me so much as person going forward in my life.

Here’s a look back on some of the things that happened in 2016 in my life;

I quit my job and have never looked back or regretted the decision i made;

At the beginning of the year i was working as an estate agent for a well known high street agency and i hated getting up every morning working a job i hated with awful pay (which was less than minimum wage) and i had enough of the blue sky thinking cooperate crap they drill into their employees and i decided to quit my job and i have never looked back on it since, it was the best decision i have ever made, it felt like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders with a massive sigh of relief.

My illness was getting worse and i needed answers to what was wrong with me;

For numerous of years i have been poorly on and off with my stomach and digestive system as i struggle to eat foods and my intestines don’t digest it like a normal persons does, this was making me very unwell to the point i was drained with no energy, sick every time i ate food, tired, headaches and constant bloating, i saw so many drs and consultants last year to get answers and a clear diagnosis that everything came back normal i am still in limbo with no firm name for my illness.

We went on the best family holiday ever to my 2nd home Florida;

So every year since i was 4 we have gone to Florida for a family vacay i love America so much its my favourite place on earth the people the lifestyle the weather everything about it is better than dreary England, Me and dan had a great time and we created some amazing memories while we where there and have decided to get married there this year when we go.

We had to move out of our lovely home;

When we returned from Florida our landlord called to tell us he was selling the house we lived in and we had to look for a new place to live as he wanted to get it sold asap, this was a shock to us as we made it a lovely happy home and spent a lot of money on decorating it and making it look cosy.

Step back in time 5 years and i’ve moved back to my parents house;

I hadn’t lived with my mum and dad for 5 years so to go back to living with them but taking Dan with me and moving us both into my small single bedroom with all of our stuff would be impossible but we have made it work for us and to be honest its cosy and live able.

I became the next Mary Berry;

Due to my diet and lack of food choices i had in my life i decided to start baking all the foods i was missing out on all gluten free of course, so i started to bake cupcakes and then made some cookies, shortbread biscuits and my favourite of all things to bake is my gluten free Victoria sponge cake ands its delicious.

Losing friends that i thought where real that turned out to be fake;

So last year i learnt a hard lesson that not everybody’s like me when it comes to being a good friend and being loyal i have had to learn this the hard way, to some people it may be minor but to me loyalty is a huge thing in a person or a friend and unfortunately for me i had no choice but to cut ties with these people in my life as they took more from me than they gave.

Coping with my anxiety and mental illness again;

Suffering with a mental illness and anxiety is never easy but you learn to cope with it everyday and focus on positive things going on in your life instead of the negatives except towards the end of last year someone i care about very much was experiencing mental illness for the first time and to witness someone go through this everyday took a toll on my own mental health and i started suffering with insomnia and panic attacks due to having little or no sleep and worrying for the other person, this is something i will always live with but its back under control.

Celebrating my 30th Birthday;

On the 28th December i turned 30 even though we didn’t do anything amazing i still had a lovely day celebrating with Dan and my family with lots of lovely presents, cards and money and we will celebrate it properly when we go away in May.

So going forward with 2017 and remaining positive and happy as i believe that’s the key to living healthier and longer in life and to not look bck on the past as it’s exactly that in the past.

Thanks for reading and if you want to read my new years resolutions or other blogs remember to like, comment or follow me as i like hearing your reviews and let me know if you have a blog and ill check it out x

Life’s not a competition

Happy Thursday everyone i hope you are all well and enjoying the new year so far.

This year i am wanting to improve on myself and my goals and ambitions yet struggle when it comes to comparing myself to others who seem to be excelling in life and going from strength to strength.

I can be really hard on myself at times and worry that i am not good enough and doubt my ability to do things which shouldn’t be the case as i know thinking these negative thoughts only prevents me from being happy and following my dreams and goals in life.

The worst place for comparing ourselves is to what we see on social media sites like Instagram, twitter etc and this is so unhealthy to do but judge people on the images they chose to share with their followers and leading them to believe there life’s are perfect, this is far from the truth (Not everyones life is as glamorous as they lead us to believe on social media and we need to stop thinking it is) Photos lie and so do people.

If you look at friends or people you went to school with and compare yourself to what they are doing in life we are all at different stages for different reasons not everything works out the way we planned in our minds things happen to change the direction we go.

  • So what one of your friends married a footballer and have a range rover and a designer wardrobe (who cares).
  • So what your friend got married before you and her wedding cost £15k and they honeymooned in the Maldives (who cares).
  • So what someone you know moved to another country and landed a great job and go on yachts every week (who cares).
  • So what someone you follow on Instagram has more likes on a photo you also put up or have more followers than you (who cares).

What i am trying to get at is comparing ourselves to others just frustrates us and prevents us from being happy with what we have achieved in our lives so far it doesn’t matter if you haven’t reached the goals you had set in life, the only person putting limitations on them is ourselves and we are our own worst enemies for that.

”  on your own grass without looking over your neighbours fence to see how there’s is growing, it’s not a competition who’s is the greenest or grows the fastest.”

I am 30 and ;

  • I still don’t know what career i want in my life.
  • I don’t have a mortgage or own my own house.
  • I am not married.
  • I have no children
  • I don’t go on 4 holidays a year.
  • I haven’t got expensive clothes hanging in my wardrobe.
  • I don’t have a luxury car sat on my drive.

Because i haven’t got any of these things doesn’t mean i have failed, it just means i am not settling for less than what i want in my life, this year i want to focus on me and what i want.

This year we all need to focus on ourselves and stop worrying that others are doing better than us in life, thats what life is, there will always be someone with more money than you or has a bigger house, newer car, multiple holidays a year it doesn’t matter we create our own life’s to fit around us (it’s never to late to make a change).

Thanks for reading and following my blog x

My New Years resolutions for 2017


Welcome to my 1st blog for 2017 and this one is all about my resolutions even though every year i say i’m not making any i always do.

My resolutions are relevant for me and my life some of you may be able to relate with them, I am not giving up chocolate or going to join a gym or stop drinking (As i don’t drink alcohol anyway) instead i am being more ruthless and selfish as i think this is the way forward for 2017.

For me 2016 was more lows than highs and was a huge test on me and Dan as well as our mental states, my anxiety and illness with food we had a lot of crap going on in our personal lives by having to move out our lovely home and go to stay with my parents we left our jobs as the company we worked for are appalling and treat staff like crap and we couldn’t cope with it any longer so onwards and upwards for this year, i believe people create there own look and this year cant be any worse than the last one.

Here are my resolutions for 2017;

  1. To travel more and see the world i love going away and even though i am not a huge fan of flying due to my panic attacks it doesn’t stop me from seeing the world for what it is and visiting places i have never been before, places on my to visit list this year are; Florida (which is my 2nd home) Bahamas, Barcelona, Monaco and Edinburgh.
  2.  To remain positive and not let the slightest things get to me or upset me i am a very sensitive and emotional person even though i don’t come across like this in person to most people and put on a front i intend to stay positive in all situations as everything happens for a reason and thinking negative makes you feel a whole lot worse and ruins a good day.
  3. To not settle in life over the past 14 years since i got my very 1st job i have done nothing but settle in my career, i have worked in retail most of my life and its never been the dream job or the life i had imagined for myself its good if your a student but not full time if you want nice things or a car, house etc as the pay is minimum and the rewards and discounts aren’t as good as you may think, this year i am going to focus on what makes me happy as i am unable to do something i have little or no interest in and i want to start living my life how i imagine it to be, we spend more of our lives at work than we do with our own families so its about right i made a change and went after the job i want and i wont stop until i get it.
  4. To get better in myself and my health as the past 9 years i have had ongoing issues with my stomach and digestive system which means i have been living on a gluten free diet for the past few years and now i am on a fodmap diet, i intend to get a diagnosis for my illness this year as its been left nameless by the drs and consultants and i am ready to get it solved so i can get back to being healthy again.
  5. To be more confident this is something i struggle with on a daily basis and i think most women also struggle with this its not reassurance i need from others its what my brain tells me and i believe it (not good enough) to do the things i would like to do in life but feel i would be no good at so i wont attempt to try, i think i need to believe in myself more that i am just as good as anyone else and not to get so down if it doesn’t work or pay off.
  6. To be selfish and cut out negativity i always put others 1st before myself but this year i vow to be more selfish and not go without or put my needs behind others, also there is lots of negativity in my family more so my dads family they all like to talk about you behind your back and slag you off for doing better than them in life as they don’t like to see anyone do better than them so this year i am cutting of all negative people in my life as they are toxic and i don’t need people bringing me or my dreams down.

These aren’t the usual resolutions people generally make but for me this its what i want to change in my life this year and i won’t give up after the 1st month like most people do as if i make these changes i believe it will change me for the better as a person going forward.

Thank you for reading and let me know what your resolutions are.x

Recap on the last week 19th – 24th December

Happy Christmas Eve everybody.

I am far from feeling festive or in any sort of Christmasy mood, i think its hard when you dont have your own house and can do things how you would like, living in a bedroom at my parents isn’t what i had in mind as i want to feel festive films on cuddled on the sofa with treats, chocolates and buffet foods, i build it up in my head that Christmas is better than what it is but its just a deadline of making sure everything is done there is no fun and enjoyment in it anymore for me anyway.

So this past week has been quite boring as i don’t feel like i have done anything as i have avoided public places for how busy they all are.

Monday; Me and Dan attempted to go to Mansfield to Sainsburys to get some bits in we wanted but it was so busy we couldn’t get a space and we drove to Tesco instead which was still busy but not as bad the annoying thing was they hardly had anything i wanted to get so had to go without, we then came back and made some lunch and chilled out watching vlogs we had to catch up with.

Tuesday; I felt ill again with my stomach as it was still bloating even though i was sticking to my fodmap and gluten free foods i was still getting a reaction which was getting me down, i decided to call my dietician to go back and see her as something is no longer working and i need other food options, i also made an appointment to go back to the drs for more tests to be done as this is unresolved and its still not been pinpointed to what issues i am having in my digestive system.

Wednesday; This for me was the worst day i had had in ages with my anxiety going through the roof, i had a panic attack which drained my energy and not only that but i had 1hr 10 mins sleep all night as i was wide awake panicking and worrying in bed, i felt so low and my mind was all over the place, i haven’t felt like this for a couple of years and every thing is stressing me out atm or getting to me more than it should (anyone who deals with both anxiety and depression know how hard it is to switch off and try and relax its easier said than done) my mum did buy me some flowers to cheer me up and make me smile which they did.

Thursday; I got 6hours sleep still not great but since living at my parents i have had 1 good nights sleep as my dad wakes early for wok which wakes me up and then i struggle to get back to sleep as i am not used to being woken at 3am every week day, i decided to paint my nails ready for Christmas today in the Tanya Burr red glitter polish as its festive, i completed wrapping the presents up and we have got through 10 rolls of wrapping paper this year next year people can have a gift bag as i might be a creative person but i hate wrapping presents up, we also watched the film Curly sue which is a classic and even Dan enjoyed it as he had never seen it before.

Friday; Christmas eve eve and i decided to bake some shortbread biscuits using my new cutters i got from home bargains in festive shapes, i put some mini party sausage rolls in too for everyone to eat as thats always a food i associate with Christmas and buffets, today i started to take some new tablets from Boots for my stomach which should help me digest food as it gets stuck in my digestive system and makes me bloat or sick so i am hoping these will help until i see my dietician in January.

Today is Christmas eve and we are watching films on the tv and later we have our Christmas eve bags to open with treats in for later and new pjs for me, Dan is ill and has a cold which is the same as what he had last Christmas so he is feeling far from festive and so am i.

This is the last weekly blog of the year

Thank you for reading and i wish you all a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year x

Blogmas day #10 (Christmas on a budget)

Happy blogmas day number 10.

Christmas for most people means spending far too much money to the point they get in debt, spend all there monthly wages and struggle to live for the 1st couple of months in the new year, i know i have been guilty of this before.

The last 3 years i have realised its not about spending loads of money on presents, the older you get the less you want as most things cant be bought.

When i lived in Dubai my Christmas day was quite sad as i wasn’t with my family or the people i loved, the only gift i opened was a pair of flip flops and i spent Christmas with my Dubai friends who i had known 2 months, i realised that it wasn’t about how many presents i got under the tree it was about being with the people i cared about and who cared about me making new memories and being content with what i have got.

Christmas can be done on a budget and i will never go over the top as its a waste for 1 day, why on 1 day of the year do we all go over the top with spending and having the tree flooded with gifts, children get so many presents now they don’t remember half the things they get, its like a competition who gets the most gifts and who’s spent the most money.

  • Set a budget and don’t go over
  • Save money throughout the year o you aren’t short over Christmas as you still need to live and pay bills
  • Buy presents throughout the year save on the big expense in just 1 month
  • Buy 1 main gift
  • Look for offers and deals
  • Stocking fillers less than £5 each
  • Buy from independent stores or small businesses
  • Make your own cards to give out more personal

What i did last year was set a figure of how much i would spend on people i was buying for and not go a penny over or get side tracked along the way, me and Dan don’t spend loads on each other as when we want things throughout the year we will buy them for ourselves or save up for them.

I spend no more than £100 on Dan for Christmas to some that might not seem a lot of money but to me i don’t see why spending £500 on someone for 1 day is necessary, the older you get items become more expensive and some things just aren’t worth the money and i wont put myself in financial struggle to go over the top on gifts, maybe if i had lots of money i would view it differently but like most people in England who are paying for rent, cars, food, kids etc each month and struggling to get by its just not worth it.

I love this quote from Dr. Seuss in the film The Grinch, I believe this is very true Christmas cant be bought from a store and it does mean a little more.

Appreciate what you have got like your family, love and health because if material items make you happy then how happy are you really inside, they always say money doesn’t make you happy.

Thanks for reading x

Recap on the last week 4th Dec – 11th Dec

Happy weekly blog number 13 everyone, 

The last week has been filled with shopping, lots of Christmas films, playing a game for the 1st time ever and finally finding the best gluten free bread i have tasted in the last year.

Monday; My aim today was to find a Christmas jumper that i had seen advertised online at Aldi, yes Aldi they had loads of nice Christmas jumpers in for men, women and children priced better than the ones in Primark at only £7.99 each, I got my hands on the one i wanted which was a flamingo skiing Christmas jumper, i love flamingos and for one to be on a jumper i knew i just had to have it.

  • Here is a photo of my Festive Flamingo jumper.

Tuesday; Today we decided to have a chilled day at home and for the 1st time ever i played the board game Monopoly, I had this game for Christmas back in 2001 and i never opened it as i wanted to keep it as it was The Disney edition anyway me, mum and Dan all played it for a couple of hours however i didn’t win but i did enjoy it and no doubt we will play again over Christmas.

Wednesday; We went to Mansfield as i wanted to have a look in the Primark they have there, it’s not as big as most Primarks but i did manage to get some bits i liked, i got a new jumper, a Mickey T-shirt and some rose gold sequin slippers i wanted we then popped to M&S as i wanted to look in the food hall at there Gluten free range and i was impressed with the selection, I picked up some gluten free chicken coujons, a small loaf and some chilli crackers it was quite pricey for these 3 items coming to £8.40, but it is the BEST GF BREAD i have tried all year as it doesn’t have that smell gf bread has and it taste like bread not metal.

Thursday; Today we went over to dans parents house to take the Christmas cards and get some bits from his childhood he wanted to keep and store at my mums house, we then went to see his Gran and took her a nice Christmas plant a poinsettia and a card she was really happy to see us and loved the gesture of the plant, we then come home and wrapped the last few presents we had stacking up and we watched The polar express with Tom hanks voicing most of the characters I love this film i watch it every December.

Friday and Saturday; 2 super chilled days i caught up with vlogmas on youtube and then wrote my blogmas posts, we watched a film Miracle on 34th street and i managed to watch Hairspray live which was better than Grease live they did early on in the year, i would recommend watching this if you haven’t seen it yet, last night i went to bed early as i wasn’t well with my stomach it bloated up and was so painful it made me cry, i am back to logging and tracking everything i eat as there is something making me poorly again.

This is what happened to my stomach last night, let me know if anyone else gets this with allergies to gluten and wheat as i am interested to know how it affects others.

Keep a look out for Mondays Blogmas as its a fun on for anyone who loves makeup.

Thanks for reding x