My surgery experience with the NHS

Happy Monday everyone hope you are all doing well.

As you can see from the title ( I finally had my long awaited surgery) i have been waiting for this for 6 months Yes 6 months on the NHS as there was a super long wait and i was lucky enough to have a good Dr who requested i have my surgery before the end of June as i need 3 months clear to be able to fly on my honeymoon in September.

Those of you who dont know what i was having done i will fill you in now I had to get a  myringoplasty which is a skin graft on my eardrum due to my eardrum having a 50% hole through the middle of it which causes me alot of pain and infections over the years aswell as hearing loss i have suffered since the age of 8 with ear infections and the last 3 years i have had 14.

Myringoplasty is a repairing of the eardum by using some skin from the ear or behind the back of the ear and they cut it open (grusome but its what happend) i have stiches all around my ear and something called a bip inside of my ear which is a paste to block anything from getting in my ear or getting infected, I have to have 2 weeks off work to recover due to not being able to drive as some symptoms which are likely are; vertigo, nerve damage to the face, loss of tastebuds and dizziness with sickness and headaches, i was sent home with some pain killers aswell as being given morphine while in hospital which i thought tasted like raspberry calpol.

The surgery was done at my local hospital Kings Mill and i had to stay in over night due to the operation taking longer than usual mine took 3 hours to complete and i was very tired and groggy once returning back to the ward where i was looked after by a great team of nurses throughout my time there and cared for me better than i ever imagined i would be, as an anxious person i didnt feel scared or the urge to go home i was at ease and very relaxed as i knew hospital was the best place for me.

You hear horror stories of people going to hospitals and being mistreated or neglected this wasnt the case for me and i couldnt thank the staff enough for there work as i wasnt the only  patient they where attending too, in total there where 2 other ladies on my ward and it was very secluded and private plus is wasnt a mixed ward like i know some can be.

The NHS in the england is under so much pressure and funding from the government we all moan about it when we cant see our gp straight away or have to pay £8.60 for a prescription but compared to majority of countries we are very lucky to not have to pay obscene amounts for surgery or the care we require in these times.

For my 1st overnight experience staying in hospital since the age of 4 i was very happy to stay there and be looked after plus i got lots of cups of tea and jam on toast.

I am 3days in to my recovery and i am already bored but i need to take the medical advice and rest and sleep as thats all i seem to want to do at the minute.

Thanks for reading 

Amy x


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