Interview tips and advice to get the job you want

Happy Friday everyone i do hope your all well and having a great week.

This is a little different to what i usually write about but as some of you may or may not know i have been putting myself back out there and looking for a new job/career as being self employeed can be quite borring and isolating at times and i miss the team work enviroment and the office banter so i have recently got myself a new job (Yeahy me) and i cant wait to start next month.

I wanted to give you some tips in regards to preparing your c.v and how to stand out from the rest;

  • Your c.v is really important as this is what sets you apart from others as most employees look at it for 30 seconds and make an instant decison make it appealing and stand out.
  • Don’t lie on your c.v i know alot of people who do this and you just end up getting found out and this being disloyal before you have even started.
  • Don’t put your age on it as some companies do discriminate against your age which they aren’t allowed to do but they do.
  • Don’t apply for anything and everything make a list of things you like to do and see what the best career options for you are in regards to the list you make.
  • Apply direct to the company call ahead to get the name of the manager and address it to them or send a direct email stating what your interested in and see if they have any roles to suit your needs (if you dont ask you wont get).
  • Always ask for feedback when applying for a position companies 99% of the time never even come back to you but any feedback is welcomed in my opinion as you may tick all the boxes for the job but when it comes down to it they dont pick you which is disheartening.
  • Keep it to no more than 2 pages long as people dont have tome to read every single thing about you.
  • Write a personal profile what kind of person you are what your traits are and good at always show your strengths.
  • Only include the last 3-4 jobs depending on how long you worked there and state what your daily duties where as this helps employees look for transferrable skills.
  • Black and white writing with a simple and clean font.
  • Don’t ever attach a photo to your c.v (This is expected in Dubai).

These are my tips and questions you should ask an employer when being interviewed; 

  • Ask them what they liked about your c.v and why it stood out to them?
  • Could they see you fitting in the company dynamic?
  • What can they offer you in regards to career path and going forward for the future?
  • Holiday entitlement and bonus schemes?
  • Whats the reason for previous employees deciding to leave?
  • What training will i recieve as a new starter?

How to handle those cringe worthy question when your in an interview;

  • Describe yourself in 3 words? reality i want to say a big kid, spoilt and needy but i chose the mature version of me (loyal, positive and organised) this is the time to tell them your best traits/ what your good at.
  • If you could be any animal what would you be? i am thinking how is this relevant but there is obviously a right answer so think carefully as you dont want to say a lion as they are the the king of the jungle and it could come across like you want to take charge and show authority and don’t say a mouse as they are timid and quiet.
  • If you could be a kitchen appliance what would you be? I always say a kettle as a cuppa tea solves everything or so they say, dont pick a knife for obvious reasons (nobody wants to be stabbed in the back) also dont say a spoon (as you will come across like you like to cause drame and stir things up).
  • What is your greatest achievement in life so far? I said moving to Dubai as i learnt alot but some may say being a parent, surviving an illness everyone has different things in life they have achieved.
  • What aspires you in life? I got this question in my interview for the job i just got and the answer i gave was to be happy thats what i want to enjoy life as thats whats important to me, i could have said win the lottery (but i dont play it) be the next beyonce (but i cant sing).

How to handle nerves before an interview; 

  • Nerves are a good thing as it shows you care about the job you have applied for and lucky enough to get an interview.
  • Nerves will go once you have arrived as its always daunting the not knowing of whats to come.
  • Stay compose and remain confident this is the time to make a great 1st impression.
  • Take a deep breath and take a drink of water in with you most of the time they tend to offer you a drink so politely accept or decline.
  • Getting a good vibe and feeling from the company and the building (could you see yourself working there or is it a cold enviroment).
  • Watch the relationship with other workers regarding if it comes across friendly and welcoming.
  • Always make a list of questions to ask them as it looks good and shows you have come prepared.
  • Research the company you have an interview with as they always ask you (what do you know about us?).
  • Always listen and give eye contact.
  • If they ask you a question you are unsure of ask them to explain it and take your time in answering.
  • We all remember things we wish we said instead of what we end up saying.

I do hope this helps some of you as this pass week ive had 2 job offers for completely different jobs and i knew in my gut which felt right for me and you will also get that feeling.

Thanks fo reading 

Amy x


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