The real cost of a Florida Holiday 

Happy saturday everyone i hope your all well and ok, 

As majority of you know i LOVE Florida and its my second home as i have been lucky enough to go every year since the age of 4 and i am now 30 so thats alot of times to go on a (holiday of a life time).

The older i have gotten i have realised how EXPENSIVE it is to go to Florida most people go to Mallorca or the Canaries for a holiday and that can be expensive but still much cheaper than 2 weeks to the Orlando as everyone calls it a Holiday of a life time and thats becuse it can cost upto £10,000 which is insane.

I 1st went in 1991 for 3 weeks, 2 weeks in Orlando at all the parks and 1 week at madeira beach over at clearwater and my family had saved and saved for it they had never been on a plane before and it was something they never thought they would be able afford to do again but they fell in love with America the place the people the food and obviously the parks so they decided they would save and go again and the rest is history as they say.

Florida over the years has gotten so Expensive and i understand its alot more popular now than when i 1st visited many years ago but still the prices for things are just insane and in my eyes not worth the money and ill go into it more here;

  • Disney park tickects – $107 each per adult not including taxes.
  • Disney parking – $20 per car to park.
  • Food at the parks – $6+ and thats for a mickey mouse ice cream.
  • Drinks at the parks – $3.50 for a water/ souvenir cups with a drink are $14.
  • Mechandise in the parks – $27 for minnie mouse ears, keychain $11.95 plus taxes.
  • 14 day park ticket just for Disney – £379 per person 
  • A ticket to every single park including Disney, Universal, seaworld are – £794 per adult.

I remember paying $46 for a ticket to MGM also known as Hollywood studios and that was 11 years ago i cant see how they can charge this insane amount to visit a them park nowadays as in my opinion its disgusting and the enjoyment has gone before i have even walked in the park as they are so much more busier now than ever before the ques are stupidly long and your only allowed 3 fass passers a day to allow you quicker access on rides but you could still have a 20-30 minute wait so that means all the other rides you want to go on you will have to que for in the heat for upto 4 hours on some rides (frozen ride in particular).

I havent been to a theme park since 2014 and that was Magic kingdom i paid $99 for a day ticket plus $16 for parking and it was so busy majority of rides had a 120 minute – 180 minutes wait (severn dwarf mine train, splash mountain, peter pans flight plus more) i rode the little mermaid ride and its a small world and thats all i could get on that day it had over 100,000 in the park and it was only 11am for me this wasnt enjoyable i was stressed and anxiuos people pushing in front of you and just crowds everywhere i can honestly say i wont ever return here as it tainted all my amazing memories as a child and ruined them in 2 hours of attending as a adult there was nothing enjoyable about this day for me and i dont understand why anyone would want to que for these long lengths of time in the florida heat.

Getting to Florida isnt expensive well thats if you know where to look majority of people who have never been before book through holiday companies and pay through the nose for everything having been so many times we are experts in getting a good deal and shopping around this is what we usually do; 

  • Search sky scanner for direct flights with Virgin, Thomsons, Delta etc.
  • We paid £1,900 for 4 ppl with premium seats on a Thomson 787 dreamliner from Birmingham to Sanford.
  • Look at flying on a Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday as they seem to be cheaper.
  • Book a direct flight and flight only as fly drive works out more expensive.
  • Advice and best times to go; March, April, May, June, end of sept, October and November are the best times due to the weather, Avoid July its way to hot and humid and not nice to walk round the parks, August and September is hurricane season and trust me it ruins your holiday when your stuck in one of these like it did for me.
  • Book your hire car seperatly we use auto europe and they have dollar,hertz,budget etc
  • We have a car with dollar a mid suv (jeep or similar) with top platinum insurance, 2 drives free tank of fuel and tire puncture cover for £361 for 14 days.
  • We have a villa we always use and have done the past 7 years in Terra Verde they have a website with all the villas to rent.
  • Search for villas online and get a good deal per night.
  • We have a 4 bed,3 bath villa with pool for £814 for 14 days which is good.
  • Dont pay more than £100 a night thats too much for a villa.
  • If you want a villa stay in a gated complex as its safer and has other ammenities.
  • Regarding hotels the best place for location is the 192 or International drive, i havent stayed in a hotel for over 18 years so i cant comment on this as much.
  • Go with another family and spilt the villa cost works out cheaper.
  • Do alot of research look on a forum called The Dibb as thats helpful for news, updates and getting an insight in other peoples florida holidays.
  • Park tickets you can buy direct with Disney, Universal and Seaworld but look around for deals and offers.
  • I always use Orlando attraction tickets and they are really good theres also a site called undercover tourist and they have good deals but there prices are in $.

I do hope this helps some of you looking at going or wanting to know exactly what it costs to go to Florida also depending on the dollar rate depends on the cost of things once your there and the dollar rate at this moment is $1.24 which is bad i have never known it this low.

Thanks for reading if theres any questions feel free to comment and i will reply the best i can.

Amy x


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