Florida plans 2017

Happy Bank holiday sunday everyone i do hope you are all well,

I just wanted to say really quickly a big thank you ror all my nice messages and comments regarding my last blog post about “The reasons i a pm taking a break from youtube” the support has been amazing and i am working on myself to get back to fun Amy.

This blog is all about Florida if you have read my Florida blogs before or follow me on my instagram then you will know Florida is my second home and ive been lucky enough to go every year some times twice a year since the age of 4, As most of you know i am getting married this year (very anxious and excited for that) but our trip to Florida this year will mean more than any other trip as this will be our Honeymoon as mr and mrs Shaw and i cant wait and i wanted to share with you my plans for the 2 weeks we are there.

We fly on the 28th Septemeber for 2 weeks and the best news is we are flying from Birmingham into Sanford which is amazing for me as i get less anxious at both of these airports as they arent as busy as Manchester or Orlando international (which i hate) so we got super lucky with these flights and we are going with Thomsons who ive never flown with before as we usually go with Virgin but the last 2 times ive gone with them ive been dissapointed with the service onboard and the crew arent thes best with customer service.

We are staying at the villa we usually stay at in Kissimmee and its home from home for us i love it, its got its own pool, 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and its close to Old Town and only a 15 minute drive to Disney which is super handy, Ive stayed here about 5 times now and my parents have stayed here about 7 times we love the area as its a gated community and very private.

Our plans for the holiday/ honeymoon arent set in stone and i havent created a spreadsheet like most people do when they visit florida as its a holiday not a regimented strict routine, i like to wake up and decide on the day where we go as if the weathers bad i dont eant to be going to a theme park ide be better off going to the mall or the cinema (yes i go to the cinema on holiday) ive done Disney so much over the last 27 years its still the same just more expensive now to visit at $107 per adult per park which is ridiculous in my opinion i know Disney do deals on 14 day pass for the price of 7 days but i dont want to visit all the parks so this isnt helpful for me.

We have decided this year to see more of Florida as there is so much to do other than theme parks and its has some of the most amazing beaches to visit and towns to explore as staying in such a vast tourist place like kissimmee you miss so much of Florida and what else there is to do there.

I have never been on the air boat tours so we are going to do that this year aswell as visit Anna marie island, sarasota, ft lauderdale (is my favourite) we are going to watch a football game at the Orlando fc stadium against the Dallas fc which i am looking foward to even though im not a fan of football i prefer Nba but theres no games on when we are there due to the season starting at the end of October we are aslo going to go on the Orlando eye as we didnt do it last year so i am looking forward to all of these things.

Shopping is the main thing i am looking forward too even though the dollar rate is awlful i am still excited to get some good bargains at the outlets and malls plus Disney springs which is my favourite place to visit as now its all been done up i just ove it there as theres so much choice for entertainment, shopping, dining and just having a nice day or evening i tend to visit here alot as world of Disney is amazing and i love Sprinkles cupcakes they are the best things plus they will be our wedding cupcakes which is exciting for us.

We have said we want to eat out more too as having a villa makes it easier to cook in and chill out instead of trying new plces to eat so ive made a list of places i want to go let me know if you can recommend anywhere you have been too (bare in mind i am gluten intolerant and dont eat fish).

Let me know if you guys can recommened other things to do in Florida other than the theme parks as we are undecided if we are going to go to one yet just becasue i cant justify how much it is per person to go but i would love to go to Epcot and Unviversal again as they are my favourites.

Thanks for reading i just wanted to fill you in on my plans and i am sure write another blog soon all about it.

Amy x


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