I hit 1000 Subscribers on my Youtube channel

Hi everyone hope your are all well.

As you can see from the title of the blog this is all about reaching 1000 subscribers for me on my youtube channel; natural blonde in less than 3 months.

I know alot of you reading this will probably have your own youtube channels and have way more subs than i do its not a competition and i am happy with how well my channel is doing in a short space of time.

I started this back in Januray as it was a New years resolution for me to do soemthing different get out of my comfort zone and gain more confidence and thats exactly what having a youtube channel has done for me, i am overwhelmed with the lovely comments and feedback i get on my videos whether they are a primark haul or a monthly favourites video the support has been more than i could have expected.

I started writing blogs back in June last year and i love writing my views and opinions on things i am loving or passionate about and i have always been an avvid viewer and subscriber to many other youtubers out there with millions of follwers or a few thousand, I would say i am more confident on camera filming videos than i am in person if you ever meet me in public, youtube has made me care less of what people think of me as i am doing this for me and nobody else.

I am Loving my journey on youtbe so far and i am excited to see where it takes me as i am none expecting to get millions of followers and become as well known as Zoella and Tanya burr but to be recognised for something i love doing is never a bad thingas we all like validation in our life that we are doing the right thing.

I never force myself to film videos as for me its not my main source of income and at any point i could wake up one day and decide i dont want to do it any more and its only myself that applys the pressure for my channel.

3 months of uploading videos to natural blonde and i have reached 1000 subs its insane i never thought i would hit this milestone and it makes me more determined to continue to be myself and film videos you all enjoy to watch and things i am passionate about.

I have watched some other youtubers who i can tell from there videos they put pressure on themselves to upload content or want to make it there main job and this is there main goal, i on the other hand am being realistic and i believe its all down to being liked coming across as genuine and not fake and enjoying what you do.

I just wanted to update you all on my journey and i would love for you to check out my videos and continue to support me theyway you have already.

Thank you guys its means the world and ill be back soon with another blog.

Amy x


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