Trends from the 2000s not to bring back into fashion

Happy Sunday folks i hope you are all well.

I have so many blogs/ vlogs i am going to write and record this month and i have been wanting to write this one for a while as i am going to be doing a video on this on my youtube channel; natural blonde and i wanted to talk about throwback fashion items we used to wear back in the day (well in my day) when i was a teenager.

I have been searching all over for good images to show you exactly what these items look like yet been very unsuccessful in doing so for this reason i am going to give a description of the items i am talking about instead.

Fashion in the 2000s;

Cast your mind back to 17 years ago (thats if you where old enough to remember or even born) it was the millennium everyone said the world was going to end that obviously didn’t happen and fashion went out of control but we all loved it at the time and thought we looked great. 

I might only be 30 years old but i remember all my fashion outfits growing up especially some of these i am going to list below;

PEDAL PUSHERS/ CAPRI PANTS: If you didn’t have a pair of these then you weren’t cool as a teenager they where a tight fitting trouser or jean that came to the knee and where very fitted i had them in denim, white, dogtooth print and even a floral pattern with matching top (looking back at them now they where hideous and i just hope no designers bring them back or brand them up with there logos on them to make them look trendy again because they wont).

GYPSY MAXI SKIRTS: All i can say is thank god i never took to skirts as i had one of these in brown yes brown and it was awful so long it dragged on the floor with uneven patterns throughout and very heavy to wear i used to wear it with a vest top on top of a t-shirt with a huge disc belt and some backless loafers from faith in yellow with a flower on them (what was i thinking this is an item that can never return or be improved it was a huge fashion faux pa).

DISC SHAPED BELTS: I had more than one of these i had brown, white and black with a huge gold disc on the front to fasten it together it just went over and around jeans or skirts as it was way to big to fit through belt holes, i used to get mine from indoor markets as they where £5 each what a bargain (I know for a fact this will come back i am waiting for an online retailer to bring them back or a celebrity to be rocking it).

SHRUG CARDIGAN: Yes i said it a shrug and the name itself isn’t trendy let alone a practical piece of clothing i had so many of these i used to wear them over my vest with a t-shirt on and knot the front with my cargo pants and kappa trainers and i thought i was in a girl band or the 8th member of s club 7 (how wrong was i they where ugly looking and pointless yet everyone had one).

PATCHWORK DENIM JEANS: I had 2 pairs of these 1 pair flared with glitter in the denim from new look 915 and a pair from tammy girl with buttons instead of a zip i can honestly say these where my favourite jeans ever until i got grass stains down 1 pair and the other pair i borrowed a friend and never got back (thanks friend) i have seen that topshop and asos have something similar to the ones i had but not overly patch worked which is a shame (but something i would never buy or wear again nostalgia has kicked in on these for me and should be left in the fashion past).

PONCHOS: I hated it then and ill hate it again if i comes back these where everywhere in every pattern, colour with tassels without tassels they made everyone look bigger than they really where so unflattering and impractical for putting your bag on your shoulder, however i did have one from a shop called pilot which my mum would take me too twice a month at mcarther glen Mansfield as that was the shop to go to when i was at senior school i soon got bored of my poncho and it got given to a family friends daughter who loved it.

CARGO TROUSERS: I loved these especially as tammy girl had loads on back in the day i had a beige pair with hanging bits of the legs a khaki pair with huge pockets and a black pair to match my cool babes t-shirt as it looked cool together all the pop groups wore them and made them look cool and i loved steps 5,6,7,8 i blame Fay for me wanting these (I hope kanye west doesn’t release these for his next collection as its the kind of thing Kim will rock with a corset top and clear heels and pull it off).

TROUSERS WITH A SKIRT OVER THE TOP: I didn’t love these trend when i was 13 and i am glad as it was so random yet lots of people wore it if you haven’t seen this before google it theres not many great photos of it but you can get the idea of the style (I hope this never gets released just because of how random it looks leave it back in the 2000s).

I am sorry there are no images to show you just how bad these items where but if you do remember any of them leave me a comment below or on my Instagram page; naturalblonde86

Also let me know if you can think of any other fashion stores you shopped at back in the 90s or early 2000s as i can only remember these;

  • ETAM
  • MK ONE

Thanks for reading and comment below 

Amy x


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