With these shoes i thee wed

Happy Sunday and Happy Mothers day to any mums that are reading this i know mine will.

( I am currently bed bound due to pulling my back on Friday and i have been highly frustrated and hating life as all the things i had planned to do went out the window theirs only so many films i want to watch and tea i want to drink before i go out of my mind, so i thought i would write a blog on wedding shoes as I AM GETTING MARRIED THIS YEAR yet have gone off the shoes i had originally bought last summer).

Wedding shoes are what i look at more than dresses when attending weddings in the past as the shoes in my mind should be worn again and shouldn’t be a big expense just for one day like the dress as to me £500 on a pair of jimmy choos or christian louboutins is a waist for one day to then live in the box at the back of the wardrobe collecting dust.

Everyone is different when it comes to how much they spend on there weddings and what they want for there big day please remember these are my views and opinion.

I have seen SO MANY BEAUTIFUL PAIRS ONLINE at super affordable prices and i thought i would share my favourite picks with you all I am also considering turning this into a video on my Youtube channel please let me know if you would be interested in watching this plus seeing me pick my perfect pair for my big day.


As you can see i have shown them in pricing low to high as it makes it easier to view and see what you can get on a budget plus they are all less than £140 which i think is great and they are really nice for that special day plus they can be re-worn to parties, events, ladies day, weddings etc.

Wedding shoes sold in bridal shops are unflattering shapes, round toes, midi heels, fake crystals, ivory satin material (JUST A BIG FAT NO FOR ME).

I am loving a couple of these i have featured above and will probably buy a pair for my own wedding as they are subtle enough to wear again plus they aren’t breaking the bank.

Let me know how much you have spent on your wedding shoes or what you think is acceptable to spend on a pair for the big day.

Thanks for reading x


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