Essence makeup review (I love it)

Happy Sunday everyone hope you are all well.  

I have been a little quiet lately on my blog as you know i have a youtube channel now and i am focusing on getting good contents and videos out there for you all to watch, my youtube  name is; natural blonde and there are videos about makeup, fashion and primark shopping hauls so go over and have a snoop if you haven’t already. 

This week my addiction for makeup has grown a lot after discovering this brand called Essence in my local Wilkinsons store, you can also buy from too if you are interested in trying this makeup.

I have never seen nor heard of this brand before but its euro’s no.1 makeup brand so i was keen to try some products and let you know my thoughts on them and I Love it, its super affordable, the quality is great, nice packaging, great selection of colours and it wears really well too so thats a bonus, here are a few bits i picked up to try.


As you can see from this image i picked up alot of pink shades as thats what i seem to be drawn too atthe minute plus they suit my skin well.

This is the 1st lipstick i picked up in the Shade no.7 natural beauty its a pinky nude tone and it wears really well on my lips the colour lasted me about 4 hours yesterday without having to go over it again i would recommend this shade if like me you love a pinky lipstick and its was super cheap at £2.30! Yes guys £2.30! 

This is the 2nd lipstick i got in the shade no.3 wow effect its a sheer and shine lipstick in a browny nude but it swatched really nice in the store and i was super happy with the colour and the formula of it and this was evern cheaper at £2.00.

This is the 3rd lipstick lip crayon i bought in the shade no.2 peony star its a matte lip crayon but the colour is beautiful yetagain another pinky nude shade but it stays on my lips without them looking cracked or dry like most other matte lip colours out there by other brands this was also only £2.00 and comes in other shades.

 This is one of there many concealers i picked it up in the shade no.30 pure honey as you may know i love the collection concealer and swear by it but i wanted to test this and see if its any good and so far the past 3 days ive been wearing it i love it and recommend trying it they have different shades available too and this was £2.50.

Now moving onto blusher this is in the shade no.20 all you need is pink and its one of there mosaic blushers which come in 3 other colours i prefer a mixed blusher as its easier than buying a pink one or a peach one or a lighter one for winter and so on, this so far is proving positive and i like the colour combination if gives my cheeks this was also £2.50.

This is 1 of 3 eyeshadows i picked up this is in the shade no.6 called rose razzle dazzle and i loved the metallic effect and you canwear this dry or wet for a better colour covergae and its long lasting this was £2.00 and comes in other shades.

These last 3 items i purchased must have sold out as i am unable to find the images online but they are in my main picture above.

I also picked up the velvet effect eyeshadow in the shade no.8 coral me baby which is a velvety soft pink shade at £2.00.

Aswell as a gold shimmery eyeshadow in shade no.18 all i need which will be lovely for the corner of your eyes to brighter them up this was also £2.00.

I also got my hands on the last one in store of the matte long lasting lipgloss in the shade no.02 beauty approved this is probably my favourite matte lip colour i own it reminds me of the kylie jenner Dolcie k except its a super cheap version and looks amazing on this was £3.00 i think might have been less than that but its worth buying if you cant afford the kylie one or just want to compre it or add it to your collection like i am.

My overall view is i wish i came across this brand sooner as i love the selection they have and the colours of the products such a wide selection and something for everyone so if you are interested in trying it out then have a snoop on there website.

I am also going to do a video on my youtube channel of the products too so keep a look out for that.


Thanks for reading and let me know if you have used these products before or decided to give them a try after reading this. 

Amy x 


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