Designer Vs Dupes are they worth the money?

Hello everyone happy Wednesday

  • Designer; clothing, shoes, bags etc are they really worth the money, good quality or are you paying for the name?
  • Dupes; are they a waste of money or an affordable way to follow trends without going broke? 

Not everyone has the cash lying around or are fortunate enough to be able to splurge on those designer goods that we all love and wish we could have but just simply cant justify or afford it.

I am thats person that loves designer bags more so than the clothes as the clothes aren’t always made any better than a top you can get in a high street shop, i know this as my mum has worked in fashion for over 40 years and i know how things are made and how much they cost to make and in my opinion designer items people buy because they think its higher quality but thats not the case.

  • I.eDiesel jeans are made in the same factory that high street jeans are but sold at a higher price because its a designer brand unlike topshop or river island which are a third of the price.

Here are a few items i own or have seen great dupes of and if you cant afford those finer things or the designer bag your lusting over but need to save more than a year for then this might be of interest to you;

1st item Designer; i came across are the Gucci fur loafers which are bang on trend for ss17

Gucci Princetown Leather Loafers;

Real hibiscus Leather

Variety of colours

Real lamb fur lining

Available from;

rrp £715 + 

score: 4/5

1st item Dupe; i do own these and they are an affordable and a great alternative to the real ones above for less than £700.

Women’s Horse Bit Slip on Loafers;

Faux Leather

Faux fur

Variety of colours

Available from; Ebay

rrp £12.95 

score; 5/5

2nd item Designer; Chloe faye bag very popular in 2016 as seen on lots of celebrities became the IT bag of the summer.

Chloe Faye Medium bag;

Smooth Leather 

Real suede flap

variety of sizes & Colours

Available from; Harrords

rrp £1,280.00

score; 4/5

2nd item Dupe; The dupe version i’ve found is identical apart from where it says Chloe on the flap, this is a great alternative.

Velocia Chain detail flap body bag;

Faux leather

Faux suede flap

Chain detailing

Variety of colours

Available from; Yes style

rrp £30.31

score; 5/5

3rd item Designer; Eugenia Kim beach hat as seen on most bloggers and celebrities on holidays a great statement hat to accompany that bikini in the Bahamas.

Eugenia Kim Do Not Disturb sequin hat;

Embellished Do Not Disturb in Sequins

Available from; Harvey  Nichols

rrp £340.00

score; 4/5

3rd item Dupe; Statement beach straw hat great for those summer holidays at a lot more of an affordable price and who would know any different.

Lady summer sun beach floppy derby embroidered hat;

variety of colours 

embroidered detailing

Available from; Ebay

rrp £6.85

score; 5/5

4th item Designer; Gucci Dionysus bag this is the IT bag at the minute i don’t think i haven’t seen a celebrity who doesn’t own this bag, Gucci are producing lots of nice items lately and i know this wont be a bag that will be in fashion in a years time.

Gucci Dionysus bag;

Variety of sizes

Variety of colours

Tiger head fastener 

Silver chain strap

available from;

rrp £1,630.00

score; 5/5

4th item Dupe; If you love this bag as much as i do then you will want to get your hands on this seasonal statement piece.

Axixi snakeskin cross pink bag;

Variety of colours

Variety of sizes

Tiger head horse shape fastener

Silver chain strap

Available from; Yes style

rrp £25.56

score; 5/5

5th item Designer; Charlotte Tilbury this is a luxury makeup brand that releases beautiful packaged items loved by lots of celebrities and makeup artists.

Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow;

Light to medium

Highlighter uses light flex to give a radiance complexion

Bronzer mimics a sun kissed complexion

Available from; House of Fraser

rrp £49.00

score; 4/5

5th item Dupe; W7 bronze & Glow duo is a great dupe to the CT one above and a lot cheaper and looks identical minus the gold packaging.

W7 Hollywood bronze & glow;

Great or contouring

Highlight has a good pigmentation

Light to medium

Available from; W7 or Ebay

rrp £2.99

score; 4/5

6th item Designer; Urban Decay Naked 3 nude eyeshadow palette this sold out when it was released 4 years ago and i got my hands on 1 for Christmas, its beautifully packaged and has a selection of shimmers and pearl shadows to chose from.

Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette;

12 Nude / pink shadows

Comes with a mirror and brush

Available from; Debenhams

rrp £39.50

score; 4/5

6th item Dupe; A very similar nude eyeshadow palette by a popular affordable makeup brand which gives off the same shimmer and pigments you would get from the UD one.

Makeup Revolution iconic 3 palette;

12 Nude / pink shadows

Comes with a brush to apply but no mirror

Available from; Tam

rrp £4.00

score; 5/5

7th item Designer; Bobbi Brown bronze shimmer brick highly used by makeup artists and professionals great for those cheekbones and sun kissed faces.

Bobbi Brown Shimmer brick bronze; 

2 bricks to chose from

Bb black packaging

5 Highlight / bronzing shades to use individually or together

Available from; House of Fraser

rrp £34.00

score; 5/5

7th item Dupe; Affordable shimmer brick more or less identical to the BB one above, great for definition on the cheekbones and a warm bronzing glow.

Makeup Revolution Vivid shimmer brick;

2 bricks to chose from

Cheaper packaging

Great highlight and bronze tones

Available from;

rrp £3.00

score; 5/5

I wanted to write this blog as i know everyone thinks buying high end means it better but this isn’t the case as there are similar versions of everything we use at a lot more reasonable and affordable prices.

My advice is shop around.

Thanks for reading x


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