My Top 5 January Beauty Products

Happy Tuesday everyone i do hope you are all well.

As you will know i love makeup, beauty products and anything that can make me look alive and prettier.

I have bought some new makeup products this month as well as a trusty holy grail product i use all the time and swear by.

Beauty Products i am loving this month are; 

1. NIVEA POST SHAVE BALM; I was recommended to use this as a face primer before applying makeup and i am not going to lie its brilliant, in such a short space of time i have noticed a difference in my skin and how well my foundation stays on my face, its no longer oily or shinny and its a great alternative if you don’t want to spend lots of money on other primers which may not be as good.

This product is sold in most supermarkets and drugstores but i got mine from B&M bargains for £2.99.

2. PRIMARK AQUA LASH WATERPROOF BLACK MASCARA; I don’t like to buy mascara that isn’t waterproof there is nothing worse than seeing black streams coming down peoples faces when they are upset, i used to buy the Benefit They’re not real mascara but i couldn’t justify spending £17 on it every few months and it wasn’t waterproof so i started using Maybeline mascaras which are good and a lot more affordable, i recently watched a youtuber who said Primark mascara was underrated so i thought i would give it a go and so far so good, its not clumpy like some mascaras can be i do have to give my lashes a couple of coats while using this but for an everyday mascara you cant go wrong.

This Aqua lash waterproof mascara is only available in Primark stores and it retails at only £2.

3. RIMMEL MATCH PERFECTION FOUNDATION; I recently watched well known youTuber Zoella do a drugstore video and this was one of the items she had purchase and i wanted to give it ago and i am far from disappointed this foundation apply’s lovely on my skin it last most of the day easily until i take my makeup off in the evening, its comes in 12 different shades to suit a lot of skin tones and has a spf 20 in which most foundations nowadays usually have in my opinion this is a great drugstore foundation.

The Rimmel Match perfection foundations are sold at most drugstores and i got min from Boots on offer 2 Rimmel products for £10 I got the shade Classic beige due to my skin being pale at the minute this retails for £7.99.

4. COLLECTION LASTING PERFECTION CONCEALER; This is my holy grail when it comes to concealers i’ve been using this product since summer last year and i have yet to try a better concealer on the market, this is great for under the eyes and hiding those imperfections and blemishes we all tend to get, i love this product and i think majority of people i know also love it and swear by it if you have yet to try it i would highly recommend it.

The Collection concealers are available from most drugstores and even supermarkets they retail at £4.19.

5. MAKEUP REVOLUTION ROSE GOLD LIPSTICK IN CHAUFFEUR; This lipstick is something i came across by accident when looking on a website called Tam beauty which sells all makeup revolution products and freedom makeup they also had this in a matte lipstick but i chose this one instead and i’m glad i did i have nearly ran out of this and need to replace it but they are currently out of stock due to it being so popular its a nude pinky shade which every woman loves and has in her makeup collection it wears really well too and the colour is enough to wear on its own without mixing another lipstick with it i would recommend giving this ago especially for the price.

Rose Gold Chauffeur lipstick is available from Tam Beauty and Superdrug online i am yet to spot it in store this retails for £3.

That comes to the end of my January Beauty favourites let me know if you have tried these are if you can recommend other makeup for me to try and review, also if you haven’t already go and check out my YouTube channel which is going well and i am hoping to turn this blog into a video on my channel.

My YouTube channel name is; natural blonde 

Thanks for reading x


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