Dealing with Anxiety & Depression at work

Happy Wednesday everyone i hope you are all well.

This is something i can give my first hand experience on as i suffered with this at my last job as an Estate Agent, I read an article in the Daily Mail yesterday and I was very surprised in how many people this affects in the workplace It may pay your bills but your day job could be wrecking havoc on your mental health.


You spend most of your life at work working 40 hours a week for a low payed job to scrape by every month which leaves you struggling and has an impact on your mental health, a lot of people go off sick from work due to stress, not enjoying the job, they don’t like their boss, they are being bullied in the workplace, under too much pressure and so on.

I know what its like to HATE a job i did it for 10 months and it came to a point i couldn’t take it any longer and i QUIT! I was being paid badly less than minimum wage working for a Cooperate company doing 40 hours a week, I didn’t get on with my manager or area manager (Lets put it this I wasn’t an arse licker so because of this i was treated poorly by Managers, as i didn’t agree with how the company was run are how it treated their employees).

I used to dread getting up for work I always wanted to think of an excuse not to be there, i spend most nights driving home from work crying as i hated it that much i would tell my manager how i felt and would be ignored I got sick of being treated this way and it had a huge impact on my anxiety and health it wasn’t worth getting ill for so i left as my health was more important to me than that job was.


  • DIFFICULTY SLEEPING; Waking up in the night, being restless before bed time, unable to relax in bed, having to much on your mind.
  • SHORT TEMPERED; Stress has a big impact on our temper especially if we are unhappy with a situation we find it easier to lose our tempers.
  • UNABLE TO CONCENTRATE; Being unable to focus on one thing for a period of time, easily distracted, lack of interest in whats going on, steering out the window more,
  • UNABLE TO CARE ANYMORE; If you aren’t interested in the products or the customers or the company.
  • WAKING UP WITH A FEELING OF DREAD; Alarm goes off in the morning and anxiety kicks in with reality knowing you have to go to work, not wanting to get out of bed looking for ways to get out of work and stay home.
  • BEING EMOTIONAL; Getting upset easily over things that wouldn’t normally bother you, feeling sad instead of happy.
  • DISTANCING YOURSELF FROM OTHERS; Not getting involved in conversations going on or planned nights out, you just want to be on your own.
  • PASSION HAS GONE; You no longer like the job or enjoy going everyday, you have fell out of love with what you do or the company, you feel your being taken for granted.

If you feel like you have any of these and its due to work i would advise you to speak to a Dr and your family as this isn’t something that just goes away if you ignore it, Depression and Anxiety can have a huge impact on your life and mental health the main thing here is to look after yourselves.

Don’t let a job get you down make a change in your life and do something that will make you happy its never to late to put yourself first.

I am not suggesting that everyone should quit their jobs but if its making you miserable then don’t allow for a job to have an impact on your health.

You get one shot at life so don’t settle for less than you deserve.

Thanks for reading x


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