Starting my own youTube channel

Happy Sunday everyone i hope you are all well.

Let me start by telling you all the NEWS I now have my own youTube channel called Natural blonde (the same name as my blog) I decided late last year that i was going to do something completely different and out of my comfort zone and start my own channel for people to watch as i love watching so many youTubers myself and thought i would give it a go, i might decide in a few months its not for me and stop making videos but for now its something i wanted to do and i am excited to start my very own youTube journey.

The reasons for me wanting to do this is for me and my confidence as when i meet people for the first time i am very confident but when it comes to filming a video for the world to watch its slightly more daunting if i over think it (which i am trying not to do) I wanted to do something for me for once as when i started my blog last year i never knew how much i would enjoy writing posts every week or how much you guys would like reading them and relate to them.

I have decided to do some videos on my channel which collate with some previous blog posts i have written for example;

  • Living and working in Dubai
  • Anxiety and mental health chats
  • Being gluten free
  • Shopping and beauty hauls

I am at the stage in my life when i don’t want to dread getting up for work in the morning or tell people i hate my boring job as i have done that for the past 14 years this is the year i do something for me and try and turn a hobby and passion into possible opportunities it might not work out for me but i am not going to let any negative people or comments stop me from doing something i want to do, negativity just fuels the fire for me as it makes me more determined to do something and succeed.

This is my first vlog which is live on youTube from Sunday 15th Jan and its a short trailer with clips and images of me and what kind of things you can expect from my channel, i decided on a trailer as when you see a new film come out you always get snippets and clips of what to expect which makes you either want to watch it or not and thats the same for my 1st video.

I have watched all the people on Youtube i am subscribed to 1st ever videos to get an idea and understanding of how far they have come on and all of them started off with nerves, not the right equipment or lighting but this comes with time and experience the same as it will for me as i have a camera, tripod, good editing software and i am relying on natural light as i am yet to invest in a good ring light.

I am not going to ramble on anymore i just hope you all take the time to have a look on my youTube channel and support me as much as you have my blog post.

I will still be writing my blogs every week on here and i am looking into working with a company to make my blog stand out more so watch this space…

Thanks for reading x 


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