Reflecting on the high’s and low’s of 2016

Happy Friday everybody

So the past year was one of my least favourite out of the 30 years i have been alive, so much happened that i never expected and it changed me so much as person going forward in my life.

Here’s a look back on some of the things that happened in 2016 in my life;

I quit my job and have never looked back or regretted the decision i made;

At the beginning of the year i was working as an estate agent for a well known high street agency and i hated getting up every morning working a job i hated with awful pay (which was less than minimum wage) and i had enough of the blue sky thinking cooperate crap they drill into their employees and i decided to quit my job and i have never looked back on it since, it was the best decision i have ever made, it felt like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders with a massive sigh of relief.

My illness was getting worse and i needed answers to what was wrong with me;

For numerous of years i have been poorly on and off with my stomach and digestive system as i struggle to eat foods and my intestines don’t digest it like a normal persons does, this was making me very unwell to the point i was drained with no energy, sick every time i ate food, tired, headaches and constant bloating, i saw so many drs and consultants last year to get answers and a clear diagnosis that everything came back normal i am still in limbo with no firm name for my illness.

We went on the best family holiday ever to my 2nd home Florida;

So every year since i was 4 we have gone to Florida for a family vacay i love America so much its my favourite place on earth the people the lifestyle the weather everything about it is better than dreary England, Me and dan had a great time and we created some amazing memories while we where there and have decided to get married there this year when we go.

We had to move out of our lovely home;

When we returned from Florida our landlord called to tell us he was selling the house we lived in and we had to look for a new place to live as he wanted to get it sold asap, this was a shock to us as we made it a lovely happy home and spent a lot of money on decorating it and making it look cosy.

Step back in time 5 years and i’ve moved back to my parents house;

I hadn’t lived with my mum and dad for 5 years so to go back to living with them but taking Dan with me and moving us both into my small single bedroom with all of our stuff would be impossible but we have made it work for us and to be honest its cosy and live able.

I became the next Mary Berry;

Due to my diet and lack of food choices i had in my life i decided to start baking all the foods i was missing out on all gluten free of course, so i started to bake cupcakes and then made some cookies, shortbread biscuits and my favourite of all things to bake is my gluten free Victoria sponge cake ands its delicious.

Losing friends that i thought where real that turned out to be fake;

So last year i learnt a hard lesson that not everybody’s like me when it comes to being a good friend and being loyal i have had to learn this the hard way, to some people it may be minor but to me loyalty is a huge thing in a person or a friend and unfortunately for me i had no choice but to cut ties with these people in my life as they took more from me than they gave.

Coping with my anxiety and mental illness again;

Suffering with a mental illness and anxiety is never easy but you learn to cope with it everyday and focus on positive things going on in your life instead of the negatives except towards the end of last year someone i care about very much was experiencing mental illness for the first time and to witness someone go through this everyday took a toll on my own mental health and i started suffering with insomnia and panic attacks due to having little or no sleep and worrying for the other person, this is something i will always live with but its back under control.

Celebrating my 30th Birthday;

On the 28th December i turned 30 even though we didn’t do anything amazing i still had a lovely day celebrating with Dan and my family with lots of lovely presents, cards and money and we will celebrate it properly when we go away in May.

So going forward with 2017 and remaining positive and happy as i believe that’s the key to living healthier and longer in life and to not look bck on the past as it’s exactly that in the past.

Thanks for reading and if you want to read my new years resolutions or other blogs remember to like, comment or follow me as i like hearing your reviews and let me know if you have a blog and ill check it out x


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