Life’s not a competition

Happy Thursday everyone i hope you are all well and enjoying the new year so far.

This year i am wanting to improve on myself and my goals and ambitions yet struggle when it comes to comparing myself to others who seem to be excelling in life and going from strength to strength.

I can be really hard on myself at times and worry that i am not good enough and doubt my ability to do things which shouldn’t be the case as i know thinking these negative thoughts only prevents me from being happy and following my dreams and goals in life.

The worst place for comparing ourselves is to what we see on social media sites like Instagram, twitter etc and this is so unhealthy to do but judge people on the images they chose to share with their followers and leading them to believe there life’s are perfect, this is far from the truth (Not everyones life is as glamorous as they lead us to believe on social media and we need to stop thinking it is) Photos lie and so do people.

If you look at friends or people you went to school with and compare yourself to what they are doing in life we are all at different stages for different reasons not everything works out the way we planned in our minds things happen to change the direction we go.

  • So what one of your friends married a footballer and have a range rover and a designer wardrobe (who cares).
  • So what your friend got married before you and her wedding cost £15k and they honeymooned in the Maldives (who cares).
  • So what someone you know moved to another country and landed a great job and go on yachts every week (who cares).
  • So what someone you follow on Instagram has more likes on a photo you also put up or have more followers than you (who cares).

What i am trying to get at is comparing ourselves to others just frustrates us and prevents us from being happy with what we have achieved in our lives so far it doesn’t matter if you haven’t reached the goals you had set in life, the only person putting limitations on them is ourselves and we are our own worst enemies for that.

”  on your own grass without looking over your neighbours fence to see how there’s is growing, it’s not a competition who’s is the greenest or grows the fastest.”

I am 30 and ;

  • I still don’t know what career i want in my life.
  • I don’t have a mortgage or own my own house.
  • I am not married.
  • I have no children
  • I don’t go on 4 holidays a year.
  • I haven’t got expensive clothes hanging in my wardrobe.
  • I don’t have a luxury car sat on my drive.

Because i haven’t got any of these things doesn’t mean i have failed, it just means i am not settling for less than what i want in my life, this year i want to focus on me and what i want.

This year we all need to focus on ourselves and stop worrying that others are doing better than us in life, thats what life is, there will always be someone with more money than you or has a bigger house, newer car, multiple holidays a year it doesn’t matter we create our own life’s to fit around us (it’s never to late to make a change).

Thanks for reading and following my blog x


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