My New Years resolutions for 2017


Welcome to my 1st blog for 2017 and this one is all about my resolutions even though every year i say i’m not making any i always do.

My resolutions are relevant for me and my life some of you may be able to relate with them, I am not giving up chocolate or going to join a gym or stop drinking (As i don’t drink alcohol anyway) instead i am being more ruthless and selfish as i think this is the way forward for 2017.

For me 2016 was more lows than highs and was a huge test on me and Dan as well as our mental states, my anxiety and illness with food we had a lot of crap going on in our personal lives by having to move out our lovely home and go to stay with my parents we left our jobs as the company we worked for are appalling and treat staff like crap and we couldn’t cope with it any longer so onwards and upwards for this year, i believe people create there own look and this year cant be any worse than the last one.

Here are my resolutions for 2017;

  1. To travel more and see the world i love going away and even though i am not a huge fan of flying due to my panic attacks it doesn’t stop me from seeing the world for what it is and visiting places i have never been before, places on my to visit list this year are; Florida (which is my 2nd home) Bahamas, Barcelona, Monaco and Edinburgh.
  2.  To remain positive and not let the slightest things get to me or upset me i am a very sensitive and emotional person even though i don’t come across like this in person to most people and put on a front i intend to stay positive in all situations as everything happens for a reason and thinking negative makes you feel a whole lot worse and ruins a good day.
  3. To not settle in life over the past 14 years since i got my very 1st job i have done nothing but settle in my career, i have worked in retail most of my life and its never been the dream job or the life i had imagined for myself its good if your a student but not full time if you want nice things or a car, house etc as the pay is minimum and the rewards and discounts aren’t as good as you may think, this year i am going to focus on what makes me happy as i am unable to do something i have little or no interest in and i want to start living my life how i imagine it to be, we spend more of our lives at work than we do with our own families so its about right i made a change and went after the job i want and i wont stop until i get it.
  4. To get better in myself and my health as the past 9 years i have had ongoing issues with my stomach and digestive system which means i have been living on a gluten free diet for the past few years and now i am on a fodmap diet, i intend to get a diagnosis for my illness this year as its been left nameless by the drs and consultants and i am ready to get it solved so i can get back to being healthy again.
  5. To be more confident this is something i struggle with on a daily basis and i think most women also struggle with this its not reassurance i need from others its what my brain tells me and i believe it (not good enough) to do the things i would like to do in life but feel i would be no good at so i wont attempt to try, i think i need to believe in myself more that i am just as good as anyone else and not to get so down if it doesn’t work or pay off.
  6. To be selfish and cut out negativity i always put others 1st before myself but this year i vow to be more selfish and not go without or put my needs behind others, also there is lots of negativity in my family more so my dads family they all like to talk about you behind your back and slag you off for doing better than them in life as they don’t like to see anyone do better than them so this year i am cutting of all negative people in my life as they are toxic and i don’t need people bringing me or my dreams down.

These aren’t the usual resolutions people generally make but for me this its what i want to change in my life this year and i won’t give up after the 1st month like most people do as if i make these changes i believe it will change me for the better as a person going forward.

Thank you for reading and let me know what your resolutions are.x


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