What i got for my 30th Birthday

On the 28th December i turned the big 30!

I am not gonna lie i hate having my birthday so close to Christmas as when i was younger my aunties and uncles would always buy me joint gifts which i thinks a cop out and quite bad in my opinion just because its so close to Christmas day.

This year for my birthday we planned to go to Birmingham for the night and go shopping at the Bullring the next day, but. we had to scrap and cancel this plan as Dan got tonsillitis again for the 4th time this year and he was to unwell to go, so we have rearranged it for the new year now hoping it wont be as busy either when we do go.

Instead we just opened my presents and cards and popped to Mansfield to the chemist and i went in to Primark and managed to get the coat i had been looking at for the last month or so in the sale for £10 so i was happy with that purchase.

This was all my presents and cards i got for my Birthday the older i’ve gotten the more i have come to realise who matters and truly cares about me when it comes to receiving a card or even a Birthday text, i have lots of aunties, uncles and cousins on my dads side yet i received 1 card from 1 of his 7 sisters and 5 brothers, in my eyes thats disgusting and rude.

I got lovely cards and presents from the people who matter with lots of Dory balloons, confetti,a keyring, note book, lots of money to treat myself with and some beautiful diamond pear shaped studs from my mum and a yankee candle with some limited edition bits from the cath kidston Disney collection which have now all sold out online.

Because of my Gluten free allergies etc i was unable to have a Birthday cake shop bought so i settled for some home made gluten free vanilla cakes i made for everyone to enjoy.

Thats all for my blogs for 2016 i hope you enjoy reading them as much as i do writing them and next year for me i am planning on upping my blogging and vlogging game with weekly videos on youtube and blogs, keep a look out and i wish you all a healthy and happy new year.

Thanks for reading

Amy x


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