What i got for Christmas 2016

Happy Friday folks today is the 30th December and Christmas 2016 is officially over in my mums house the tree and all the decorations are down and all the new gifts we received have been put away in there new homes.

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas with loved ones, this was all our presents under the tree on Christmas morning, Santa even knew we had moved house.

This Christmas i asked for a few things but my main present was a brand new Samsung nx mini camera in white i did want the mint green one but everywhere had SOLD OUT so white was the next colour on my list, my dad got me this so i could start vlogging properly from next year.

I have seen alot of bloggers and youtubers using this camera as i wanted something as a starting point for my vlogs and not over spend on something like a canon as they are out of my budget at the minute, this was still a lot for a camera at £250. 

My next main present which was a joint gift from my mum for me and Dan and it was a brand new laptop, and no its not a Mac as i am not a huge fan of them and prefer a windows style laptop so we googled what was best compared to a Mac and it recommended the Acer Chromebook 14″ which is what we went for in the gold colour as i didn’t want a silver or white one, we got this in the Black Friday sale from Currys pc world for less than £200 its gone back up in price now though.

Dans had a play around with it the last couple of days and he said its really good and responsive and just as good as a Mac but a lot less in price, i am yet to use it but from next year i will be doing lots of blogging and editing videos on it.

I also got lots of lovely other gifts and 7 boxes of chocolates, i got some new penguin pyjamas and hot water bottle, a tripod for my camera, nail polish set, Disney dvds and a new fossil watch and watch strap from rosefield watches in pink as i had the grey strap last year plus some other little bits and bobs.

We had a lovely Christmas day very quiet but thats how we like to celebrate it, we had a lovely dinner and played some card games, ate chocolates and watched some festive films that where on the tv.

Thanks for reading x


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