Recap on the last week 12th – 18th Dec

Happy Sunday folks,

The last week we have tried to do everything we wanted before the kids break up for Christmas and the shops become rammed to the point you fall out with yourself due to the stress of last minute shopping.

Monday; We took a trip to one of the garden centres near us called Brookfield’s which is at Mapperly top, i have only ever been once before a few years ago and they had Christmas photo points and a Santa’s grotto so like the big kid i am i needed to go, I always forget how EXPENSIVE garden centres are and it costs about £6 for a coffee, we didn’t stay to long then came home and chilled out.

Tuesday; Chilled day i wasn’t feeling to good again with my stomach and it just looks like a balloon all the time, getting sick of eating the same foods over and over when your gluten and wheat intolerant and have to be on a fodmap diet also without eating fish and meat theres not much choice left for meals, i am arranging to go back to my Nutritionist in the new year as its getting me down on a daily basis feeling like shit, my mum picked me up the Christmas tv guide so i could have a look at what films are on and what a big disappointment they are I don’t know who picks what goes on over xmas but the options are rubbish and repeats from last year and the year before that. 

Wednesday; I took my mum to Mcarther glen the one near us at jct 28, its not as good as all the other outlet shops in the uk but it will do as i couldn’t be bothered to drive to York outlet or Cheshire oaks, we popped to get some bits for my dad as he had the lease presents out of everyone under the tree, We got some good offers and savings in the Fossil store, Thornton’s and Hallmark as my mum got me a Yankee candle the large jar for half price in my favourite smell (Snow in love).

Thursday; Today was another pj day for me as i felt really run down with a head cold and my stomach was still off so i was being really careful on what i was eating with every bite of food my stomach just bloated more and more, i watched the Santa Claus movie with Dudley moore in it and fell asleep it wasn’t as good as i remembered it to be and then later in the evening i finished off the wrapping presents.

Friday; Today i made rice crispys Christmas puddings that i had seen on Pinterest and some vloggers doing on Youtube, I didn’t do gluten free ones as gf rice crispys are £3.60 sod paying that works out £2 more, all the family said they where nice so thats good, I also cleaned my make up brushes as this is something i hate doing I always clean mine with shampoo and a brush cleaner from eBay which is so good and i would recommend getting one they are 99p.

Today we chilled most of the day before going over to see Dans family to take there Christmas presents and his parents dog was happy with his new Santa toy and then we decided to go to Fosse park shopping as it closed at 8pm and we thought it would be the best time to go, I went to Primark and got a couple of jumpers, a long hoody, glitter socks and some lip crayons.

Sunday; These days are for being lazy, watching films and eating biscuits drinking tea whilst writing this i have got National lampoon Christmas vacation on the tv this was a film i featured in my top 10 Christmas films to watch, 1 week today and its the big day and i can’t wait for a nice dinner and lots of presents with the people i love.

I hope your all ready for Christmas and if you haven’t already go and have a read of my blogmas blogs which include;

  • Too 10 Christmas films to watch
  • What to buy the person who has everything
  • Making mince pies
  • Christmas on a budget

plus many more, Thanks for reading x


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