Recap on the last week 4th Dec – 11th Dec

Happy weekly blog number 13 everyone, 

The last week has been filled with shopping, lots of Christmas films, playing a game for the 1st time ever and finally finding the best gluten free bread i have tasted in the last year.

Monday; My aim today was to find a Christmas jumper that i had seen advertised online at Aldi, yes Aldi they had loads of nice Christmas jumpers in for men, women and children priced better than the ones in Primark at only £7.99 each, I got my hands on the one i wanted which was a flamingo skiing Christmas jumper, i love flamingos and for one to be on a jumper i knew i just had to have it.

  • Here is a photo of my Festive Flamingo jumper.

Tuesday; Today we decided to have a chilled day at home and for the 1st time ever i played the board game Monopoly, I had this game for Christmas back in 2001 and i never opened it as i wanted to keep it as it was The Disney edition anyway me, mum and Dan all played it for a couple of hours however i didn’t win but i did enjoy it and no doubt we will play again over Christmas.

Wednesday; We went to Mansfield as i wanted to have a look in the Primark they have there, it’s not as big as most Primarks but i did manage to get some bits i liked, i got a new jumper, a Mickey T-shirt and some rose gold sequin slippers i wanted we then popped to M&S as i wanted to look in the food hall at there Gluten free range and i was impressed with the selection, I picked up some gluten free chicken coujons, a small loaf and some chilli crackers it was quite pricey for these 3 items coming to £8.40, but it is the BEST GF BREAD i have tried all year as it doesn’t have that smell gf bread has and it taste like bread not metal.

Thursday; Today we went over to dans parents house to take the Christmas cards and get some bits from his childhood he wanted to keep and store at my mums house, we then went to see his Gran and took her a nice Christmas plant a poinsettia and a card she was really happy to see us and loved the gesture of the plant, we then come home and wrapped the last few presents we had stacking up and we watched The polar express with Tom hanks voicing most of the characters I love this film i watch it every December.

Friday and Saturday; 2 super chilled days i caught up with vlogmas on youtube and then wrote my blogmas posts, we watched a film Miracle on 34th street and i managed to watch Hairspray live which was better than Grease live they did early on in the year, i would recommend watching this if you haven’t seen it yet, last night i went to bed early as i wasn’t well with my stomach it bloated up and was so painful it made me cry, i am back to logging and tracking everything i eat as there is something making me poorly again.

This is what happened to my stomach last night, let me know if anyone else gets this with allergies to gluten and wheat as i am interested to know how it affects others.

Keep a look out for Mondays Blogmas as its a fun on for anyone who loves makeup.

Thanks for reding x


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