Blogmas day #10 (Christmas on a budget)

Happy blogmas day number 10.

Christmas for most people means spending far too much money to the point they get in debt, spend all there monthly wages and struggle to live for the 1st couple of months in the new year, i know i have been guilty of this before.

The last 3 years i have realised its not about spending loads of money on presents, the older you get the less you want as most things cant be bought.

When i lived in Dubai my Christmas day was quite sad as i wasn’t with my family or the people i loved, the only gift i opened was a pair of flip flops and i spent Christmas with my Dubai friends who i had known 2 months, i realised that it wasn’t about how many presents i got under the tree it was about being with the people i cared about and who cared about me making new memories and being content with what i have got.

Christmas can be done on a budget and i will never go over the top as its a waste for 1 day, why on 1 day of the year do we all go over the top with spending and having the tree flooded with gifts, children get so many presents now they don’t remember half the things they get, its like a competition who gets the most gifts and who’s spent the most money.

  • Set a budget and don’t go over
  • Save money throughout the year o you aren’t short over Christmas as you still need to live and pay bills
  • Buy presents throughout the year save on the big expense in just 1 month
  • Buy 1 main gift
  • Look for offers and deals
  • Stocking fillers less than £5 each
  • Buy from independent stores or small businesses
  • Make your own cards to give out more personal

What i did last year was set a figure of how much i would spend on people i was buying for and not go a penny over or get side tracked along the way, me and Dan don’t spend loads on each other as when we want things throughout the year we will buy them for ourselves or save up for them.

I spend no more than £100 on Dan for Christmas to some that might not seem a lot of money but to me i don’t see why spending £500 on someone for 1 day is necessary, the older you get items become more expensive and some things just aren’t worth the money and i wont put myself in financial struggle to go over the top on gifts, maybe if i had lots of money i would view it differently but like most people in England who are paying for rent, cars, food, kids etc each month and struggling to get by its just not worth it.

I love this quote from Dr. Seuss in the film The Grinch, I believe this is very true Christmas cant be bought from a store and it does mean a little more.

Appreciate what you have got like your family, love and health because if material items make you happy then how happy are you really inside, they always say money doesn’t make you happy.

Thanks for reading x


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