Blogmas day #9 (Christmas sale shopping tips)

Happy blogmas day number 9, 

This will apply to anyone who loves a bargain without having to leave your home.

The past few years (few being 5) i have always done my sale shopping online on Christmas eve morning, most stores go into sale ONLINE on the 24th December and the shops themselves will be in sale from BOXING DAY onwards some opening as early as 5am like Next for instance, i worked at Next throughout my college years and i always worked a 10 hour shift on sale days and we would always get 1st pick of all sale items the day before they went on sale to the general public.

  • MY TIP; If you know someone who works at a Next store then get them to get the items for you as it saves you que-ing in the freezing cold to be pushed and shoved and fight over a £4 top, your better off getting the item code and writing a list of what you want and see if the person you know who works there is kind enough to pick them up for you.

The 1st site i go on christmas eve morning is always Boots as they have all the christmas perfume sets half price aswell aswell as all the 3 for 2 items, over the years i have gotten so many bargains and saved lots of money, i am more than happy to go without any presents from boots on christmas to open as i have saved myself a fortune shopping online in the sale the day before, i got 5 perfume sets last year and some Ted baker makeup all for less than £70.

  • MY TIP; If you have seen something in Boots you like for yourself or maybe to put away for gifts for next year then buy them on the 24th online, as people are getting wise to the half price offers on boxing day and all the good stuff has gone by the time you get to the shop and you would have missed out.

Retail stores like River Island, New look and Topshop start to do offers and mark downs on clothes before they go into sale on Boxing day, but these shops are sneaky as they know in advanced whats going to be in the sale, they mark on the price tag in PENCIL what the sale price will be (for example; 0025) in the corner of the tag, if the item is £50 then its very likely its going to be reduced by 50% which is a huge saving and means you can buy more items in the sale and are getting more for your money.

  • MY TIP; Keep a look out the week before christmas if you go in any of these shops and have a look on the labels and i guarantee they will have numbers in pencil written on them with the new sale price, shops can’t sell you these items until the day they officially go into sale at the pencilled price, so don’t make the mistake of buying it the week before when you could save yourself money the day after Christmas, I think we are all guilty of doing this once. 

My favourite shop of them all is Zara which unfortunatly for me they don’t go into sale online and instore until the same day, when it comes to the end of certain seasonal stock warehouses tend to have a lot of items left over they haven’t sold aswell as they hoped, these are the items that are normally reduced 1st, Zara sales aren’t as good as the others straight away as they only take a small percentage off items to start off with and then the bigger reductions tend to happen in January and thats when you can get some great bargains.

  • MY TIP; When it comes to sale shopping online with Zara i always add the items to my basket a couple of days before the sales due to happen and then once the sale has started i go back into my online basket and see whats been reduced or sold out because i missed out, If you wanted to go into a Zara store when the sale is on then you are brave as its like a jumble sale gone wrong, its messy, untidy, unshoppable, ques for days and instantly puts you in a bad mood.

I hope this helps any of you that love a bargain as much as me and getting more for your money when it comes to shopping in the winter sales.

Thanks for reading x


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