Blogmas day #8 (Christmas memories as a child)

Happy late blogmas day number 8.

I thought i would tell you about Christmas for me as a child, as the older i have gotten the christmas magic has dissappeared and its doesn’t feel the same anymore, don’t get me wrong i still like christmas but its not what it used to be. 

I would always get so excited to go to bed early Christmas eve and leave out a mince pie, carrot and a glass of milk ready for his arrival in the night, i would always wake up in the middle of the night listening out for santas sleigh on the roof and the bells ringing from the reindeers, except this never happend, i used to ask my mum “How does Santa bring my presents?” as we didnt have an open fire place, as growing up it was a retro gas fire, my Mum used to say that he Used magic dust and that would make me more excited for his arrival.

Being an only child christmas for me was always a lonely time as i had no brothers or sister to play with Christmas day or share my toys with, i didn’t mind though as it meant i got spoilt rotten with lots of lovely gifts from all my family, I remember 1 year i think i was about 6 or 7 years old i got a Playmobil mansion house and it was my favourite present ever, i would play with this for hours on end and i still have this now in my Mums loft as it was something i never wanted to throw out.

I always knew it was nearly December when my Mum would give me the Argos or Index catalog to ring around the toys i wanted, i also used to be treated to some toys from the Early learning centre which is no longer around, i was allowed 10 toys and i always got 1 main present either a bike or my 1st computer, here are a few toys i remeber getting over the years.

Here are a few of the toys i got at christmas growing up in the 90s; 

  • Cabbage patch kids
  • Dream phone game
  • Disney severn dwarfs
  • Car mat
  • Polly pockets
  • Aladdin electronic game

Christmas for me was always quite boring the older i got as what i wanted became more expensive so i would get less and less presents, i was always given £100 from my mum and £100 from my dad they always got me seperate presents and they still do now every year even though they are still married to eachother, I have a huge family when it comes to aunties, uncles and cousins but i have never been close to them growing up and they would always give me crap thoughtless gifts or give me something i alredy had.

I am so glad i got to grow up in the 90s without social media and ipads as i was happy playing on the street with my friends on Christmas day with our new bikes, scooters or roller blades, The generation of children now are receiving ipads for Christmas or smart phones and they are ages 4 plus, they probably don’t write letters to santa, instead they just go in a toy shop and know what they are receiving as they have asked for it with no eliment of suprise Christmas morning.

Thanks for reading x


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