Blogmas day #7 (What to buy the woman who has everything)

Happy blogmas day number 7,

What to buy the woman who has everything? and the answer isn’t NOTHING! 

Today is all about buying that present for the girl/ woman who has everything, here is my picks, tips, do’s and don’ts on what i suggest to buy them.

Firstly i am that girl that has everything and never needs anything, some would say i am hard to buy for, which i would say is sometimes true but if people made the effort to ask or find out what i liked they would have a better understanding and know not to waste there money on things i don’t use, like or need.


  • If they have social media i would look on there to get an idea of what they like or are into as there maybe some clues. If not ask someone who’s closer to them than you are or make an effort and find out for yourself as there is no harm in asking. 
  • Get a figure in mind of how much you want to spend on them, whether its a secret Santa gift at work or a relative you don’t know so well or even your mum,sister, wife or daughter.
  • Research into there interests, hobbies, shops they like, if they like coffee, reading, collecting anything.


  • Buy them chocolates; this is too easy and simply quite a boring gift, unless they specifically like a box of milk tray or thorntons, don’t get them this.
  • Bath products are a no no; this is up there with the worst gift you could get, people are more than capable of buying bath creams and shower gel in a supermarket, so when they get it for Christmas its a thoughtless gift, as some people are allergic to certain brands, i am allergic to soap and glory and imperial leather as it brings me out in rashes and makes my skin itchy, so bare this in mind for other people.
  • Money; this is an easy way out for someone who doesn’t know the person they are buying for very well and hasn’t taken the time to ask or find out what they like to make an effort in buying them a nice gift.
  • Wasting your money; don’t waste your hard earned cash on a meaningless, thoughtless gift for it not to be wanted or kindly appreciated by the receiver, take the time to get to know them or ask someone who knows them better than you do.

Here is a few ideas i came up with for the perfect present for the person who has everything;

  • If they enjoy going to Starbucks or Costa or both, I would recommend a gift card to spend in the shop as it would be used on there favourite drink or a travel coffee mug, here are 2 i found from Argos online.

  • The Costa travel mug is £10.79
  • The Starbucks travel mug is £8.63 
  • High street shopping vouchers, this may seem like a cop out gift but i asure you money is worse than vouchers, as its easy to waste money on things we don’t need i.e fuel in the car or paying for some milk and bread in the shop as the money was kept in your purse and before you know it you’ve got nothing to show for that £20 that was put in your Christmas card from your auntie. Lots of vouchers can be bought from supermarkets for all kinds of stores and restaurants, if they enjoy Nando’s get them 1 for there or Topshop, Debenhams and so on, plus with vouchers everything always seems free when you buy the items and they last for ages too.
  • Candles, who doesn’t like a candle? I am yet to meet anyone without a candle obsession, this is a nice gift if you know what kind of scent they like whether clean cotton smells, fruity sorbets or vanilla scents, there are so many places to pick nice candles up from nowadays, i would recommend either Yankee candle, tk maxx, Next or The white company all depending on your budget as most of these will start from £5 plus.

  • Top photo are from the white company and come in a set of 3 at £35.
  • Bottom left are from Next starting from £4 each.
  • Bottom right are from Yankee candle and start from £7.99 plus. 
  • A new phone case; everyone has a phone and everyone needs a phone case or a selection to swap and change or is that just me? Anyway i think this is a nice gift especially for secret Santa, find out what phone they have and get one personalised with their initials or with something they like on the back, ebay is the best place to look for these as there are so many to choose from you will be stuck for choice.

  • Marble phone case to fit most phones available from eBay starting at £5.99, these are nice and personal and a great gift in my opinion as they are bang on trend and a fun/stylish accessory. 
  • A new mug / cup – who doesn’t drink hot drinks? Everyone loves a new mug i know i do, lots of shops are doing them now with initials on or if you want to spend a little more you could have one hand painted with a name on from Emma Bridgewater, which is a lovely keepsake, here are few i found online which would be a great gift.

  • Top left mugs are from Anthropoligie, they are priced at £8 each.
  • Top right are from Bombay duck company and they range from £13.95.
  • Bottom left are from Emma Bridgewater, they are personalised starting from £22.
  • Bottom right are from Matalan priced at £5 each (I have one of these and i love it).

This concludes my ideas on what to buy the person who has everything, if they have one of each of these gifts i recommended, then ya stuffed.

Thanks for reading x


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