Blogmas day #6 (My christmas eve traditions)

Happy Tuesday and its day 6 of blogmas.

Today i am going to tell you my Christmas eve traditions and why its my favourite day of Christmas.

I love Christmas eve, when i was younger we would go to my Aunties house for a Christmas tea and it would always be a day i would spend with my parents and we would go to Nottingham in the day and have food at a place we always used to go to called Hollies but it’s closed down now and turned into a Chinese buffet, when i got older i would go to town with my friends in the evening but i hated it as it was too busy for me, full of idiots and drunks plus it was freezing.

Christmas eve for me consist of lots of Christmas films like home alone, miracle on 34th street, polar express and lampoon Christmas vacation which is so funny, we then enjoy hot chocolate and lots of warm drinks with a bit of baking home made cookies or shortbread, i like listening to the best of Christmas music when doing this and then i put the final presents under the tree followed by a Christmas buffet at tea time either at my home or round my mums house. 

Our Christmas eve buffet consists of; lots of lovely sandwiches, sausage rolls, spring rolls, chicken coujons and mini pizzas with my favourite part always being the cheese and crackers, with sweet treats being chocolate yule log, profiteroles and mince pies.

There are lots of places doing party food at the minute and Iceland and m&s never disappoint with good deals or offers on, this year will be different as i can’t eat anything with wheat or gluten in, so i have got to have different food for me but there isn’t much choice when it comes to party food.
Last year we started a new tradition with Christmas eve boxes and we will continue this again this year too, we always open a small present from under the tree too (off other friends and family).

This is my 2nd year being back in the Uk for Christmas i was living in Dubai before and the celebrations for it there are a lot different and doesn’t have the same festive feeling, the weather is to hot at 28 degrees with the desert and lots of sand being the main view from your window and with hardly any decorations around it just feels like another day, all the shopping malls are open and businesses, if you are british and celebrate Christmas you have to request it off as a holiday from your company.

Here are some photos of Christmas in Dubai 2014 for me; I am 3rd on the bottom right with ginger hair, this was Christmas day dinner in the desert and the 1st time i’ve worn my sunglasses this day to eat my dinner.

This was me Christmas eve in my new Pyjamas my mum sent me over with my reindeer socks and i remember we had a pizza this night and i skyped my mum and watched coronation street.

Thanks for reading and i would love to know what your Christmas eve traditions are x


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