Blogmas day #5 (christmas eve box ideas for adults)

Happy blogmas day number 5, today is the 5th of December and i am thoroughly enjoying this month so far and my advent calendars are really good especially the makeup one which i will do a blog about on the 12th day of blogmas.

So last year me and Dan decided to do each other a Christmas eve box as i see lots of people doing them for there kids and i wanted to get involved as i’m a big kid at heart, so we created one for ourselves last year and we are carrying on the tradition this year. 

This is what i would suggest to put in a Christmas eve box for adults and limit how much you want to spend as you don’t want to get to carried away, i would suggest no more than £25 for this but it is entirely up to you as i am trying to do it on a budget.

Christmas eve box/ sack ideas for adults; 

  • New pyjamas
  • Novelty Christmas socks
  • Hot chocolate sachet
  • marshmallows
  • New Christmas mug
  • Novelty Christmas jumper to wear for xmas day
  • Popcorn
  • Christmas film or movie 
  • Favourite sweets
  • Alcohol (mini wine bottle) or mixer 
  • Face mask
  • Nail polish 

I put Dans treats in a christmasy gift bag and he put my treats in a sack with my name on that he got from eBay, there are lots of places to buy hessian sacks from of personalised bags/ boxes, i would suggest eBay or social media sites, this is my sack below already filled with some treats for me for this Christmas eve night.

Here are a few things i know i have got going in mine this year; 

I have got new reindeer pjs from Sainsburys at £12, then some mint matchmakers and gingerbread latte popcorn, a flamingo Christmas jumper to wear Christmas day from Aldi at £7.99 they are new in today so get them before they sell out, some Christmas party photo props from home bargains at 99p and a new Christmas mug and a sachet of gingerbread latte.

You can pick a lot of these items up from supermarkets or Matalan, home bargains and b&m, its not to late to start a new tradition.

Thanks for reading x


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