Recap on the last week 28th Nov – 4th December

Happy Sunday everyone and welcome to weekly blog number 12!

Its officially December and the advent calendars are open and i am enjoying a cadburys daily chocolate and a make up item from my Tanya Burr advent calendar which i am loving so far.

This last week has been busier to normal, as you know from last weeks we decorated the tree on Sunday the 27th November, i know its early but i got impatient and wanted it up, heres is a picture below.

My beautiful Christmas tree at my mums house all ready for Santa to put the presents underneath. 

Monday; I went to see my Gran as it was her birthday, i don’t see her that much as to be honest as i am the least favourite grandchild she has, as i was always my grandads favourite and i don’t think she liked that and since he passed away the effort i’ve made with her has gone unwanted and unnoticed.

Tuesday; I decided to make a start and wrap some presents up, i always like wrapping and using ribbons and bows but this year i cant be bothered as it looks all nice to just get ripped open and go in the bin, so its a waste in my eyes, i bought my wrapping paper from matalan on 3 for 2 or they are £4 individually to buy but the paper is thin and rips super easy so i wouldn’t buy it again or recommend getting you gift wrap from there. 

Wednesday; We took a trip to Home bargains and matalan to see if they had any Christmas bits in, managed to get some stocking fillers and a new Christmas mug as that is something i do every year, it was from home bargains and was 99p it looks like the Santa from the coco cola advert then we came back and i started prepping for blogmas for the 1st December. (my new mug)

Thursday; 1st of December and 1st day of blogmas, i decided to do blogmas for the first 12days  of December as i wanted to start blogging more and so far a lot of you are reading them, liking them and i have new followers so thank you for that, Today i made mince pies too but slightly cheated as i used jus-rol pastry and just cut them into shapes and added the mincemeat filling but everyone said they where nice, as i cant eat them as they aren’t gluten free plus i don’t like mince pies anyway.

Friday; Today we went to wollaton park for a nice walk around the house and the lake, its based in Nottingham and was used in the Batman film as wayne manor, it wasn’t busy at all and cost us £2 to park for 3 hours, which isn’t to bad, we hadn’t been in over a year as this was where we had our 1st date back in May 2015, i got to use some of my new lenses for my iphone  i bought from Avon to take some good photos, after we went here we popped to the waitrose in wollaton and got a Christmasy hot drink, i got a salted caramel hot chocolate and Dan had a caramel latte, then we came home and caught up on some vlogs on youtube.

Saturday; Today was meant to be a do nothing day but that didnt happen as i ended up wrapping more presents, making some cards, going to tesco to get some food in as i am struggling again with meals and what to eat, me and Dan did make our own xmas cards this year as its more personal than buying them from a shop plus i love cards and always keep them.

Mine i made for Dan is on the left and Dan made me a Dory card as i love Dory and Disney.

Thanks for reading and be sure to check out my blogmas blogs x


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