Blogmas day #3 (Decorating my christmas tree)

Happy Saturday and welcome to blogmas day 3 of December.

I love this time of year so much especially decorating the house and the Christmas tree ready for Santa to put all my gifts under it on Christmas eve night.

Now i am living at my Mums house we have decided to use our Christmas tree from our old house as my mums was 3ft tall and an embarrassment that i refuse to put up, so we have my lovely artificial 6.5ft tree with my beautiful baubles.

There are some photos i took of the stages of decorating the tree with some of my favourite baubles and where i bought them from throughout the blog.

Now i did put this up before December but i am very impatient and lots of people on my news feed on social media had theres up and i wanted to join in with the tree spam and put mine up too, i decided to put it up on Sunday the 27th December. 

This is my tree in the stages we put it up, to complete the finished look it took about 3 hours, with 3 sets of fairy white lights and lots of silver, blue and glass baubles we finally got there in the end and i love the finished look.

This is the view from my mums lounge window and it has the tree in the corner with a yankee candle Christmas scent in (Christmas magic) a advent calendar from Aldi and some glass tree ornaments from Asda and a snowman from the range all bought last year, this is subtle but still festive and not over the top with decorations.

Here are my Top 6 baubles on my tree;

  • Angel top left is from the range along with the blue star/ flower and the chandelier and ranged in prices from £2 +.
  • The glass cinderella slipper bauble is what i bought from Florida back in June from the Christmas store at Disney Springs and cost $16 i think but well worth it as i love Disney.
  • The silver bow is from home bargains at 69p each, i got these last year.
  • The silver glitter globe bottom right is from home sense which is tk maxx home store and they came in a set of 2 for £5.99.

I also have a thing about the wrapping paper i buy must match the colours of my tree as i like everything to have a theme and flow , i think thats the visual merchandiser in me coming out, as i don’t do mismatch things and like colours from the same palette, if people wrap my presents in red paper they tend to be put to the back of the tree as i don’t want them on show.

This wrapping paper is from Matalan in a pack of 3 and on offer 3 for 2 at the minute.

Every year i like to add a new bauble especially with the date on, last year we had a 2015. one from M&S but they don’t do them this year and i am struggling to find a nice 2016 bauble, its still early days and i am on the look out but for now i’ve settled on the dress bauble in the photo above as its super girly and delicate looking, this was also from the range and it is glass so i had to be very careful with this one.

I hope you like my step by step of decorating my tree and thanks for reading x


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