Blogmas day #4 (Wollaton hall and shopping)

Happy 4th of December everyone.

So today we went back to the place me and Dan had our very 1st date which is in Nottingham called Wollaton Hall and deer park, i haven’t been in over a year and its alway nice to go when its wintery as the leafs have fallen and the ducks are paddling along the lake, its very photogenic plus i got to try out me new lenses from Avon for my phone.

Fun fact this house was in the film Batman dark knight rises and was used as Wayne manor, with christian bale, Michael cain and Anne Hathaway all came to film scenes here.

Here is me standing in front of the house towards the lake, it wasn’t busy at all to walk around but it was a bit nippy out so i wrapped up the bets i could as i am still yet to find that perfect coat ready for the cold weather vastly approaching. 

Photo of the lake with the ducks having a waddle and a paddle.

As it was a typical December day, you imagine nice crisp leafs to walk on and fresh air with hot chocolate and mince pies to accompany the walk, in reality it was bitter cold on my face and nose, i didn’t take my gloves off, the leafs where wet and probably had dog piss on them so the idea of throwing leafs in the air to create that obligatory photo was out the question for me, and the hot chocolate looked more like watered down vending machine drinks.

I did however snap some photos with my lenses and this is how they turned out.

This is using the macro lense from the set of 3 to buy from Avon costing £5, which is a great offer and i would recommend getting them for your smart phone, here is what they look like, you get a Macro lense, fish eye lense and wide angle lense.

I also took a few other pictures when i was there.

Overall it was a nice walk around wollaton park, after leaving there we decided to pop to waitrose in wollaton for a drink and they had a Christmas drinks menu, i went for a salted caramel hot chocolate and Dan had a caramel latte.

This was my drink with whipped cream on top and gold glitter dust, it was very nice but also very sickly and it was quite price too at £3.25 a hot drink.

Finally i wanted to go to home bargains to get some stocking filler gifts as they had some really nice bits in there and lots of nice rose gold note books and make up bags less than £5 each, i managed to get everything i needed all for less than £20, i did pick this lovely make up bag up from there at £1.79. 

Thanks for reading x 


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