Recap on the last week 17th – 27th Nov

Hello everyone and happy Sunday 

I am sorry it’s another late blog as i know i said i would be back to writing 2-3 blogs a week from now on but life doesn’t always go as smoothly as we plan for, a few things happened over the last week regarding having down days and generally not feeling up to it, as we have a lot of things going on in our personal life’s.

Back to what has been happening over the last week/ 10 days for me, we got a new front door at my mums, i did some black Friday shopping and i put the Christmas tree up.

Friday the 18th; My mum got a brand new sage green front door which looks lovely except it had faulty handles and the pain of glass leaks water in when it rains, so she is awaiting for either a replacement window or a complete new door, the company that have made it had no interest in coming out to look at the faulty door as they had rushed to get it completed.

Here is a photo of the new door; half moon frosted daisy glass windows and a lovely green colour way.

The weekend was another boring un eventful one as are most of the weekends throughout autumn/ winter because it’s too cold for me to be out due to my allergy of the cold.

Random part of this blog but i am loving the new series of (I’m a celebrity get me out of here) it has got to be one of my favourite shows of the year as i love ant and dec and the celebs this year are so nice and working as a team unlike previous years, my favourites so far are Scarlett, Adam and Joel and i love that they all get stuck into the tasks and win as much meals as they can for the camp mates, i will be sad for when it ends in 2 weeks.

Tuesday; I baked for the 1st time in so long, plus my mum has got a new swanky oven andi wanted to test it out so i made some easy peasy shortbread biscuits all gluten free obviously and then some gluten free vanilla sponge cakes with pink icing and some with lotus biscoff icing for those who aren’t gf, i used my Mickey & Minnie shape cutters that i bought from amazon and i am super impressed with them.

Wednesday; I took my mum to get her car fixed and we did a bit of food shopping so nothing exciting and then i came home and made some Christmas cards for my dads martial arts school and i made some for the family, keeping with a blue and silver colour scheme.

Thursday; I feel that i went here, there and everywhere this day as i had to pop to Mansfield to the crappy Primark there as i hd to take a jumper i bought from fosse park back as it was faulty and came away from the seem, which i was gutted about as i loved the jumper and they didn’t have another to exchange it with, i also had a nosey on the Black Friday deals online and saw a Gold Chromebook laptop by acer i liked which was reduced and with all the work planned next year, ill be putting is to good use, my mum has got it me for xmas so its off to Santa until Christmas day, we ended up getting it from Curry’s at Arnold as they had it in gold as the silver was bit snoozy looking.

Black Friday; Dan decided he wanted to sell his ipad mini and buy a Amazon fire tablet instead as he had been having a play on my mums tablet and he thought it was really quick and responsive unlike his ipad, plus his ipad is 3 years old and doesn’t get the new ios updates so its quite slow, he bought the Amazon tablet from Argos in black and it was faulty due to a dead pixel so he exchanged it for another one and it happened again which was strange so we got a refund from Argos and popped to Curry’s pc world at Mansfield and got another black fire tablet from there and guess what? Yep same again another dead pixel in the screen, we googled it and its a common fault apparently in the black ones so we got another refund and decided not to bother that was until we got home and Dan ordered an orange one from Argos at Beeston to collect on Saturday.

Saturday; Lazy morning then off out to Beeston to get the 4th Amazon tablet hopefully with no dead pixels and unbelievably it was fine and he loves it so he is happy and so am i, as i am sick of seeing Argos stores now and don’t want to go into another for a long time, then we came home and we decided to put our christmas tree up in my mums lounge as her tree is lousy and small at 3ft tall, My tree is from The Range and the decorations are from all over to be honest, it took me about 4 hours to assemble it and add the 3 sets of lights and lots of silver and blue baubles with the odd Disney bauble bought back from Florida, Disney springs christmas shop when we went in June this year.

Here is a couple of photos of my beautiful tree and yes i am biased but i love it.

Sunday; Sunday dinner with no meat for me, we watched formula 1 in Abu Dhabi as me and Dan both enjoy it and said we would love to go and watch it there one year as when i lived in Dubai i went to Abu Dhabi a handful of times and i saw the yas marina from the mall and Ferrari world, we also caught up on master chef the professionals and i have been trying to organise my plans for future blogs and vlogs to come in January. 

Thanks again for reading and i will be back to weekly blogs from next Sunday x


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