Recap on the last week 7th Nov – 17th Nov

Happy Thursday everyone

Sorry for the late weekly blog this week, to be completely honest i haven’t felt my normal self and i didn’t feel up to writing what a crap and sad week i had, i had a lot of personal issues going on last week and it was very upsetting for me to cope and deal with as someone very close to me is struggling with depression and i have taken it quite hard and become very sad and low in myself regarding it, we are trying our best to remain focused and positive and look to the future but if any of you have been or no someone who’s been depressed before then you know its not that easy to stay positive, we have had some good advice from Mind which is the charity which helps people in these situations and they have been a lot more help than the Drs have been as they didn’t seem to care, which is a shame as the Nhs always seem to let people down when we ask for help

I just want to say if you or you know someone who’s going through a hard time and they struggle to talk and open up about it then Mind are the best organisation i’ve spoken to,  they have gave me more information and advice than i got given by the Dr, here is the link to there website below for any tips or advice, as you are not alone as 1 in 3 people suffer with depression in there lifetime.

We have had a few more good days this week so we have been out the house to get some fresh air and a change of scenery, when you are feeling low and down the last thing you want to do is be around people as its easy to get frustrated and annoyed at situations that wouldn’t normally bother you.

Monday; This day was special to me as it was a year to the date since we got engaged and Dan asked me to be his wife, we decided to go out for the day and do a bit of shopping so we took a trip to Mcarther glen and the retail park at Mansfield as we wanted to get some more christmas shopping, I treated myself to some new pumps/ trainers by a brand called Keds they are a suede plum colour with a platform bottom and i love them for winter as i am still struggling to find any ankle boots i like, i got Dan some Kurt Geiger Chelsea boots for Christmas but I’ve been kind and let him have them now to wear they where a bargain from Tk maxx at £40 instead of £110 which is they price they are selling them for online and on asos.

Christmas decorations are up at Mcarther Glen and we had a cheeky Costa caramel latte.

Tuesday; I woke up feeling unwell with my stomach its the first time in ages i’ve felt unwell since being on the fodmap diet, i have been eating so much better and more regular than i used to, except this day was a blip and it put me back a little, so i am back to doing my food diary to see what had upset me and made me unwell.

Wednesday; Shopping day for me as i have been wanting to go to the new Primark at Fosse park in Leicester as its newly opened and looks a lot nice than other Primarks around, we decided to go about lunch time as we wanted to miss the tea time traffic on the M1 when coming home, the Primark was by far the BEST one i have ever been in, they had so many nice things in store, all nicely displayed it felt like a proper shop and not a jumble sale with clothes in places they shouldn’t be like most other shops, I picked up 2 jumpers, some pjs and some make up as i live the lipstick crayons in there for £2 each.
We also stopped at the service station just before the jct for Fosse park and we went and got some Dunkin Donuts as there aren’t many shops in England compared to America and i prefer a Dd to a Krispy Kreme as they are hard and not enjoyable to eat, we got 6 donuts for £6.99 a little pricey but it was a treat and i can eat these and not get ill as they are made with American wheat flour which isn’t bleached or whitened unlike the flours that are used here in the uk.

Thursday; I am toying with the idea of wrapping Christmas presents today as i love using ribbons and bows and making all the gifts look nice under the tree, we have had the plumber here this morning to install my mums new range cooker and service the boiler ready for these colder months, i might even bake some gluten free cakes later as its been a long time since i made anything.

I will be back to normal next week with my weekly blog and i will be doing 2 extra blogs a week with my favourites of the month and stocking filler gifts under £10.

Keep a look out for these and follow me on my Instagram page and my YouTube channel; naturalblonde 


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