Recap on the last week 25th – 31st October (Halloween)

Happy Monday and Happy Halloween everyone.

Today is Halloween and no i am not dressing up for it or drawing on my face to look like a cat and knock on peoples doors for some Haribo sweets, I think i am a little bit to old for this.

My Mum did however buy me a pumpkin to carve and i went for a classic bat and a heart.

The last week has had more ups and downs than a rollercoaster, We are finally settled at my parents home and its nice and cosy, but i am missing my own place and the feeling of something being mine.

Last Thursday i had to go to Meadowhall (or as i like to call it Meadowhell) to take some items i bought from Zara online to get a refund as i only had 2 days left to return them, plus i wanted to have a snoop in Primark and get some new pyjamas and basic jumpers, However this didn’t go to plan, Meadowhall was Rammed with people and kids as i had forgotten it was half term and every man and his dog decided to go shopping there that day, que’s in Zara where a joke, the staff where so rude and obnoxious, scowling at everyone they served, I really don’t enjoy shopping as i cant stand Rude people especially with no manners, Zara took far longer than it needed too, i didn’t even get to look around the store as it was manic (and its not even Christmas yet) we then went to primark and that was a massive LET DOWN as they had bugger all in i liked or wanted, it was all cheap and tacky, so i got some socks and slippers and called it a day, as my patients had ran out and i wanted to get home.

Friday consisted of some online shopping as i am still yet to find a coat, boots and some winter wear ready for these cold days that are fast approaching, i really hate this time of year apart from Christmas (but that’s spent indoors with the fire on in cosy pjs and hot drinks and yummy treats), anyway i managed to order a green quilted jacket and a jumper from H&M costing £32 plus postage,

The weekend was chilled again to be honest, we didn’t do much on Saturday and had a nice relaxing lazy day, i used a treatment on my hair which i swear by called Manuka honey oil and it just gives my hair a lease of life again and its shiny and healthy looking, we also watched the X factor which is a joke of a show, as i think all these talent shows are rigged or set up.

Sunday (day of rest) consisted of a home cooked Sunday dinner by my Mum and then we popped to the local town to have a look around plus i was craving a gingerbread latte from Costa but they haven’t got them on the menu yet (I wasn’t impressed) i did however get a nice jumper from New look and by the time i got home my H&M order had been delivered but the coat was far to big for me in a size 8 and they don’t have a 6 left in stock, but the jumper was lovely and thats a keeper.

Today being Monday has been one of them days which isn’t productive and the emotions are running high today of not knowing what i want to do in my life, as a career or what motivates me as i feel a little lost at the minute with no answers, i am going to have a cuppa tea and some gluten free cake and get my thinking cap on.

Thanks for reading x


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