Gluten free food haul from Tesco & Asda

Happy Thursday everyone,

I have been very successful for once with regards to gluten free shopping thats because i have moved closer to a good Tesco store which have a really good selection of free from food in store (this is the branding for the free from foods).

I got a lot of items i’ve never seen or knew where available as the Tesco i used to live near was shocking and didn’t cater for gluten free or free from sufferers, I managed to get a lot of Tesco’s own brands of gf food and i took some photos to show you what i got for others who struggle like i do on a daily basis.

This is what i got below; This came to just less than £16.

  • Tagliatelle pasta £1.20 per pack
  • Sage&onion stuffing mix £1.70 per pack
  • half a loaf of white bread 8 slices £1.76 per loaf
  • Assorted jam tarts x6 per pack £2 
  • Angel slices x5 per pack £1.80
  • Southern fried chicken portions x6 per pack £3
  • Yorkshire puddings x8 per pack £1.59
  • french petit pain x4 per pack £1.80

The gluten free bread from Tesco is the best bread i have tried that taste like normal bread, i just wish it didn’t cost so much for the product at £1.76 for 8 slices.

Asda’s selection at the Mansfield store not all stores have this much in as the one at Langley mill has an embarrassing amount of stock in (don’t shop there if you or gluten intolerant) as they don’t cater for your needs.

This is what i got from Asda at Mansfield.

  • Salted caramel cookies x9 per pack £2
  • Butterfly cakes x6 per pack £2
  • Gingerbread Santa’s biscuits x6 per pack £2

This came to £6 for these items works out more or less £2 per item, which is a lot for gluten free food but thats what i know i have to pay to be able to eat.

I know its not cheap or ideal but food shopping for me and my allergies is a nightmare but now i know i have other options especially at Tesco, Mansfield oak tree store, I was shocked how much they had in for me “Yes it’s expensive but i would rather pay the prices than get ill and be unable to get out of bed for a week“.

I do hope this helps other sufferers in the uk when looking for free from foods, not all these items are available at every Tesco store or online unfortunately, my advice is stock up as the dates are always good to store in your cupboards.

Thanks for reading x


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