Recap on the last week 10th – 16th October 

Happy Sunday everyone I know i am a day early in writing my weekly blog but i would rather do it a day early than a few days late, as this week is going to be non stop as its the final week in the house we rent before we mover at the weekend.

Here is a snap of me trying to dress for autumn even though i don’t own a coat or boots yet.

Jumper; Matalan

Scarf and sunglasses; eBay

The last week has been non stop for me, Dan and my mum who’s been helping us sort our things out, we are moving into my parents house for a few months to save month as we are moving to America in the new year and don’t see the point in renting and waisting money.

On Monday we went over to B&M store near us as i wanted to start getting some stocking fillers and American sweets and candy as they sell it there quite cheap, i managed to get what i wanted which was lots of Reese peanut butter cups and chocolate for Dans brother, we then popped to my mums to make a start on my bedroom there for redecorating it.

I did look online for American candy to buy in the uk but it works out so expensive ill just wait until i move their instead as £6 for Oreos is insane! 

Here is a photo of my room at my Mums house as i wanted to see the process from start to finish, it is a small bedroom but we have got to make it work for us both for the short time we will live the plus its free.

These where taken over 3 days from it being stripped of wallpaper, and painter with the old carpet being taken up, the colour is a standard Ivory as its too small of a room to inject deeper colour in it.

I also went carpet shopping with my Mum on Wednesday and we selected a new carpet for my room and the lounge as she is redecorating just in time for Christmas, i never realised how stressful carpet shopping was they all look the same i just went on which was softest to touch, we decided on a carpet called; Rodeo drive in the colour Oyster and its being fitted this Thursday.

Thursday and pretty much everyday since has consisted of packing boxes, throwing out crap we have collected over the last 13 months of living here and giving things to local charity’s, I have moved 8 times in the last 4 years and you would think i would be a pro at this but i am far from it, its so stressful and i am getting teary and emotional over everything at the minuet.

Also today 2 years ago i was moving to Dubai to start a new life, how times have changed in such a short space of time, it doesn’t even seem like i ever went now, i am going to do a vlog on YouTube of my Dubai life and experience when i have moved and settled at my parents house, make sure you all go and follow and subscribe to my channel; natural blonde

I am sorry its a short blog this week but i haven’t had much to tell you and don’t want to ramble on about nothing, thanks for reading x


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