My review on Schar gluten free products

Happy Saturday everyone.

As some of you may or may not know i have been struggling with gluten and wheat problems for over 8 years now and live on a strict diet Fodmap diet.

My favourite Gluten free food is by the brand Schar they are No 1 in Europe for Gluten free foods and unfortunately not all items they sell are available to buy from our supermarkets as we are limited to what stores want to stock, even though i have requested my local supermarkets stock more of these items, they said there isn’t enough people who want them and they would go to waste (which is very frustrating as i am limited to what i can eat).

This is the brand logo if some of you haven’t seen it before.

Schar products are available in most supermarkets and online but they are expensive but i find all gluten free products are as we are penalised for having an intolerance yet they know we have to buy these items to be able to eat so they get away with the prices.

Having struggled and still struggling now with brands that make and sell gluten free or free from products it gets very frustrating on my part as they are high in price and the quality is never their for the products we are limited to eat, i have tried all brands when it comes to Gluten free bread and their isn’t 1 i like as they all have a metallic taste and not pleasant no matter how much you disguise it with butter or baked beans.

Here are my favourite items by Schar; I have taken this picture from my Instagram account, this came to £20 just for these item below.

This is my personal opinions and reviews on these products;

  • The gluten free frozen pizzas; These are really nice and lactose free, they have a thin base and when cooked the edge becomes crispy but its really tasty, these are a little bit expensive compared to normal branded pizzas available non gluten free.
  • At £3.29 from Ocado website and thats just for 1, i would rate these a 9/10.

  • The Gluten free bars called chocolix, these are really yummy i get through 3 boxes of these a week and they taste like a normal twix biscuit bar with shortbread, caramel and covered all over in chocolate, you get 5 in a pack.
  • These are priced at £2.59 per box which is a lot but they are yummy, i rate these 10/10.

  • The schar Gluten free pizza bases, these are a pack of 2 individually wrapped, and these are the gluten free version of make your own pizzas, they are really nice and cook well, the only negative is when they are in the oven the base breaks in half and the edges get burnt quite easily then.
  • These for a box of 2 are £3.09 at Tesco which is pricey but agains its expected for gluten free products, i would rate these a 7/10.

  • The Schar Gluten free mini os biscuits, these are the gluten free version of Oreos yet nothing like them the biscuit isn’t as chocolaty and the cream is thicker but they are nice as an alternative.
  • These are £1.29 per pack which are small as well, i would rate these a 6/10.

I know a lot of people from my social media sites and through blogging that also struggle with buying gluten free products and the main thing that comes up in discussion every time is the price and who they get to taste test them.

  • The price for Gluten free products are more than half more of what you would pay for non gluten free products yet they have less ingredients and preservatives in them.
  • Taste testing Gluten free products, I don’t honestly think they get the general public who suffer with allergies or celiac disease to try these products as a lot of them wouldn’t be stocked on the shelfs are made as they aren’t appetising or edible, we have to eat these free from products everyday and we want something which is still enjoyable and tasty when we eat it for the 1st time and pay all that money out on something worth the money.

I hope this has been of use to those of you who struggle everyday like i do with intolerances and are unsure what to try on the shelves in the supermarkets here in the Uk, if you are reading this and live in America or other countries not in Europe i am unaware of these products being available to you, but Udis is the Best gluten free brand i tried in the USA if you live there.

Thanks for reading and check out my other blogs with gluten free baking ideas and recipes or my Fodmap diet and what its all about.


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