Recap on the last week 3rd – 10th October

Happy Monday everyone and what a cold and chilly autumn morning it is here, I am now going to write and post my weekly blogs on Mondays from now on as Monday to most people is the start of a new week.

Last week has been a bit if a rollercoaster for me regarding realisation of moving out our home is closing in on us as we have 2 weeks left before we leave, which is sad as its been nice to have own own home for the last13 months but i wont miss the big costs of rent and bills that come with it as we pay far too much for our house as the demand for rental properties in our area is high, companies and landlords feel they can charge excess amounts for a semi detached house.

I had my dietitian appointment last Tuesday at my local hospital, i wasn’t holding out much hope as i didn’t expect it would help me that much, but i was wrong, she was a really nice lady named Ruth who was very friendly and engaging and listened to me which makes a change from most health experts I’ve seen in the past, i explained to her my long history of stomach problems and gluten free issues and told her i was on a diet i found on line called The Fodmap diet which originates from Australia and is helpful for people with intolerance or ibs sufferers, anyways long story short she was super helpful and told me i was doing the right thing on the diet and to start reintroducing some foods back into my diet I’ve not eaten in a long time to see how i got on with them, like eggs, chicken, meats and fruits.

My local hospital Kings Mill.

I did try some chicken and it was a winner as it didn’t make me sick like previous timesI’ve  eaten it and i had no bloating or cramps with trying some delicious profiteroles, i am just going to try 1 different food at a time every week and see how i get on with it and i gained some weight so i no longer have a low Bmi.

I had a lovely delivery from Zara last week too with some new autumn pieces which are super affordable but i am a little unsure on the faux leather jacket as i feel like robin hood in it, plus the bag i got is far too small and looks cheaper in real life and the statement T-shirt was waaay to big for me.

Here is a picture of me in the jacket.

I had a bit of a melt down on Thursday and Friday as i woke up feeling anxious and not myself and i just knew what kind of day i was in for, i had planned to take a trip to Meadowhall but i wasn’t in the shopping mood and you know somethings not right if you don’t feel up to shopping, i really find i am struggling again with my anxiety and its always negative things that triggers it for instance we are moving house which is very stressful, we have a lot of personal issues going on too which is taking a toll on me and i am the worst for overthinking things and getting myself wound up over other peoples opinions of me and i don’t no why i give a DAMN but i do and wish i didn’t.

I am going to write a separate blog on dealing with anxiety as i feel i want to cover it more if not for others to read then for me to get it out of my system and written down.

Today is World Mental Health awareness day and we all know someone who has been affected by it, it doesn’t take much but a call or a text just to let them know you are there for them if they need to talk could make all the difference, our mind is the most powerful organ in the body and we need to look after if the most.

Over the weekend we went to my Mums house and measured up the space we have to play with for our room as thats where we are moving too as we can save money by living there for the time being until we move to America next year, as we didn’t see any point in wasting money on another rented house fir a short amount of time.

We finished watching the last Harry Potter film too and i loved it, i don’t know why it has taken me so long to watch them all but they where great and i may even borrow the new book i bought my mum once shes finished with it, even though i am not a huge book lover i prefer pictures more than words, me and Dan said we may go to Harry Potter studio tour as he’s never been and i went 4 years ago when it 1st opened with my mum.

Heres a picture from the time i went with my mum back in 2012 and it was amazing worth a visit.

Thats all for the weekly blog recap of the last week, i will put up a blog this week regarding anxity and coping with it for those who may be affected or interested.

Thanks for reading x


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