How to get more likes and followers on Instagram

Happy Thursday everyone.

I am going to give you some tips and tricks on how my Instagram account has grown by 100 followers just from taking good photos in a week.

I have a normal account nothing special about it my main image is my brand and logo which is Natural Blonde and i always write in the bio what my Instagram page consist of and what kind off followers i am aiming my page towards.

The bio is important as it tells people what they can find on you page and if thats something they would be interested in (on mine i have Gluten free, wheat free, fashion, Interior design, style, makeup and much more) I also have my link for my blog on their too for people to go and view.


If you are adding images of a mouldy banana or a crisp packet this isn’t appealing to your followers and not what your page is about, some people have personal accounts just for friend and family and then one for taking pictures of their home or fashion, makeup, quotes, avocado on toast on a marble table with freshly squeezed orange juice and beautiful flowers as a centre piece (Take pride in your photos and what you post).

Its key what image goes in your main photo as this is what people look at when they are searching through liked images or recommended followers plus the first 9 images on your account are what makes people want to add you as a friend, as people get bored of looking through more than that to keep them interested.


Tag and hashtag everything in the image whether it be a cup of tea using Yorkshire tea bags or the cushions on the sofa from Next as these may get a liked by the company or used on their page which has more followers and this enables more people to see your image and view your instagram account and follow it.

Here are some screen grabs from my Instagram page and the images i post.

I use apps for my photos to make them more clearer or to add other filters depending on the image, these are a few i would recommend getting if you are wanting to expand and create better photos on your page.

Here are some i use everyday; They are all free and available in the app store.

  • Snapseed
  • Repix
  • Ps Express
  • Picmonkey

Instagram do have some good filters and features, i tend to use Valencia or Clarendon a lot as they give the most brightness to the images, Editing your own on Instagram is good too as i always use the brightness filter i at +20, the contrast at + 15 and sharpen at + 50 these make the images more clearer and crisp, here is an example of an image i used with these filters from a selfie i took yesterday.


Its all about the staging of the photo and the placement, where has the best lighting in the house or making sure there is no socks on the radiator when taking a photo in the bedroom or pots and pans in the sink in the kitchen when showing off your new Emma Bridgewater mugs, use natural light as its the best or the HDR feature on the iPhone i find is really good.

Make sure the area you are taking the photo is clean and clear, who cares if there is loads of mess behind you nobody can see that, place the items side by side or take the image looking down on them, it all depends what your photographing, this is an image i took last week and got over 175 likes in 1 day and its only lipstick.

It is the new lipstick from Youtuber Tanya Burr in the shade Birthday cake and i wanted to take a photo of it on my iphone 5s using my new xmas hanging star decoration in the background and i used a filter on Repix called Flares and then the filters i always use on Instagram with the brightness and contrast.

Some people delete images if they havent received enough likes and thats bizarre to me as i post these images as i enjoy capturing these moments, products, places i’ve been etc plus for me blogging and vlogging i am trying to find my niche of who like my images and follow me on my social media and YouTube.

Enjoy what you do and capture images to look back o memories once forgotten.

Hope this has been a little helpful x


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