Christmas wish list written to Santa

Happy Sunday everyone.

I have written my christmas list to Santa i.e my parents and Dan have received a copy of my wants and needs, being an only child i have never experienced spilt gifts or sharing toys or presents on christmas day and i am not going to start now at the age of 29 nearly 30!

When people buy me and Dan a joint present it always means to me that no thoughts gone into it as they should know us as individuals of what gifts we would like to receive,  I am the worst person to buy for with regards to surprise presents, i HATE surprise gifts as i cant fake if i like something or not as its pretty obvious from my expression on my face, thats why i would rather write a list and then i am not disappointed and people haven’t wasted money on gifts i don’t want or like.

That may come across as ungrateful but people shouldn’t guess they know me or my taste and then buy me soap and glory products from boots that bring me out in rashes and i am unable to use or bottles of wine when they know i am tea total and don’t like alcohol.

My list isn’t too long as i never need nothing, i have always worked and bought myself things i need, i tend to have more sentimental gifts at christmas like last year my dad got me a Tiffany & co bracelet to match my mums he bought here so we have the same.

Here are some items on my list i would really like nothing to big or expensive.

  • Disney dvds as i collect them
  • Disney Toy Story Vans 
  • Clear makeup drawers
  • New Disney pyjamas
  • Lipstick
  • New watch strap for my Rosefield watch i had last christmas from Dan

Also my 30th Birthday is only 3 days after christmas and i haven’t asked for anything for that as there is nothing i need or want that much, i am just hoping i get some balloon and nice cards and flowers with a gluten free cake, nothing to fancy or over the top as thats not me.

I like all things christmasy and decorating the tree and the cosy nights watching films and drinking hot chocolate with the fire on in my pjs, but i don’t like how busy everywhere is and how people buy far too much and over spend to impress people and then everything goes into sale on xmas eve or boxing day, i love a bargain and would rather wait for most presents until the sales as i don’t want some perfume set from boots for £60 and then its half price the day later.

Here is a picture of my tree from last year.

I am unsure what to get my parents and Dan this year as none of them love christmas that much as they all see it as just another day, with a glorified Sunday roast with brussels and sausage and bacon rolls.

Christmas for us is a sad time as we had 2 deaths in the family and 1 was on christmas day which was unexpected with very sad circumstances for the family nearly 5 years ago.

Thanks for reading and remember look for offers on gifts or wait until the sales come online which is always xmas eve for most stores.

Weekly blog will go live tomorrow.x


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