Recap on the last week 27th sept – 3rd oct

Happy Monday everyone, I know i am a day early writing this but tomorrow i have a busy day at the hospital etc.

The last week has flown by as do all the weeks this year, I went to Matalan last Wednesday and Home bargains for a look around and ended up buying more than i needed from both shops, as well as some new christmas decorations for the christmas tree, Yes i am early but i am getting prepared now as i am not a last minute shopper.

Here are a few of the bits i picked up from the stores;

New decorations from the range i picked up 6 which worked out at £2 each so pretty reasonable and very pretty.

I got a new jumper from Matalan, i am not a fan of these colder months as i am allergic to the cold and have an allergic reaction to it which is rare and 1 in 100,000 people suffer with it, i have to avoid the cold weather a lot and my Drs have always told me to avoid skiing or colder countries.

I feel like i have been living on the same food for the past week which is Schar gluten free make your own pizza and gluten free waitrose pasta, because i struggle with what to et at the minute i am very limited to my diet and until i see the dietician on Tuesday i am a little bit in limbo.

I did some more Gluten free baking on Thursday and made a Victoria sponge cake, their wasn’t an occasion i just fancied making it and how delicious is was i wish i had made 2, My dad texted me to say it tasted better than a shop bought one so that made me smile.

The cake stand is from Home bargains and cost £4.99 people are selling the same one on eBay for £12.99 don’t get ripped off.

Over the weekend we have been super lazy due to the cold and rain and had no get up and go attitude so we watched lots of Harry Potter films as I’ve only seen the first 3 films, we lit some autumn smelling candles and drank lots of hot tea and ate lots of treats, we have only got to watch the deathly hallows part 1&2 now, but i am a big fan.

Exciting news: I have set up my own YouTube channel called natural blonde and it will feature all my blogs in a vlog form especially covering Dubai and Florida as well as shopping hauls, i love watching others do it and want to get involved myself and pushing my boundaries and confidence and doing something out of my comfort zone, I hope you all get behind me and subscribe to my channel.

I have been writing my list for santa the main present is a new vlogging camera and makeup and perfumes the usual bits, I’ve also been coming up with plans for my big birthday in December, being born 3 days after christmas isn’t great as everywhere is super busy and very costly or cold with snow, I am hoping my mum and Dan have good ideas for the day.

I have had to yet again complain about another gluten free product i bought on Sunday from my local coop store, there own brand of choc chip muffins as they where inedible and dry when i cut them in half, they cost £1,59 for a pack of 2 and the best before date want until the 5th December, i really wish companies would get gluten free people in to taste test the food or not bother in attempting to make the goods when the quality and the products aren’t sellable.

The jam tarts however are scrummy but not worth £2.60 for a pack of 6 gluten free tarts.

Thanks for reading and ill update some of my new purchases in a separate blog. x

remember to follow me on Instagram: naturalblonde and my YouTube channel is the same name naturalblonde.


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