Rebranding and starting a YouTube channel

Happy Friday everyone,

I am going to start by telling you i have started my own YouTube channel now called; Naturalblonde and it will feature all of my blogs but in a video form for those who don’t like to read as much as watching vlogs and i am very excited to get started out and my 1st video will be about my story of living and working in Dubai.

Because i have decided todo a vlogging channel i wanted to rebrand my logo and image and create something that was soft and elegant but neutral too, this is what i came up with and i am pleased with how it looks.

Here is my YouTube page if you want to subscribe to it and follow my vlogging journey.

I watch a lot of YouTube and i am always curious to see what others do, how they live and i love a haul video especially the Primark ones, as I don’t know anyone who doesn’t shop in Primark and go in for socks and come out with at least 2 bags full of new clothes.

My favourite Youtubers are Ellie Steadman, Mrs Meldrum, Tanya Burr, Zoella of course, Fashion Mumblr, Francis alicia, Just Jodes and The Trackers thats just a few i watch daily. 

Please leave me comments on what you would like to see in my videos and chat about, i am going to cover a range of topics that I hope a lot of people will like watching and subscribe to my channel.

  • Dubai
  • Florida
  • Home Interiors
  • Gluten Free life
  • Fashion haul videos
  • Travel
  • Day to day life

I am going to aim to do 2 videos a week and continue to do my weekly blogs on here as well.

As a person i am very confident and always like to try and push myself to do things i never thought i could, i am inspired by other people and always want to learn and grow from everything life has thrown at me and i hope i portray it well in my vlogs going forward and cover all aspects i can of my experiences in life.

Thanks for reading x 

Remember to follow me on Instagram; naturalblonde 


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