Recap on the last week 20th – 27th Sept 

How quick are these weeks going, we are finally in autumn and the cold weather is setting in and the dark nights, candles on and lots of hot drinks is a must, i can never seem to get warm and i don’t like cold weather i always want to wear sandals and summery cami tops and sunglasses, i don’t suit oversized high neck cable knit jumpers or big scarfs and boots.

The last week has been a little bit mixed, i had to go to 2 supermarkets to do my weekly shop for all my fodmap and gluten free foods,i will say that i was impressed with my local Tesco at Ilkeston the gluten free / free from range has got bigger in my opinion and they have lots of there own versions of foods available fir us with allergies and intolerances, i picked up some gluten free jam tarts and they are delicious, even my mum and partner said they where nicer than normal ones they bought.

These are Tesco’s own version of jam tarts and cost £1.80 for 6 strawberry,apricot and apple and blackcurrant jam are the fillings.

I am helping my Mum do her house up and she has been looking allover for a new sofa and carpet, all the sofa stores seem to sell the same generic sofa in a different colour and fabric and they just look cheap and tacky! we had a look in Next home at Giltbrook and Laura ashley, ikea and tk maxx where i got a couple of metallic handbags which i love.

Friday i had my hair dyed and cut 2″ shorter and i am regretting it now how short i have gone,i just don’t like when it gets to that stage where it flicks out at the back of my neck, so i thought.. chop it off! I have kept to the same colour which is coffee espresso and i love it dark i always said i would never have brown hair but its by far my favourite colour i have had.

I made some home made christmas cards and signs at the weekend as i am getting prepared for christmas as its less than 3 months away now (this year has flown by), this is the print i made ready to out up with all the decorations and trimmings.

Sunday i made us a Sunday dinner but mine was meat free and gluten free with lots of vegetables, gf stuffing and Yorkshire puddings filled with gravy, then we chilled out watching x factor and the final episode of Power which is my fave show on tv, if you have never seen it ‘ where have you been’ its by 50cent and the story line is addictive, it is on Netflix to watch.

4 weeks until we move out and i still haven’t packed a thing, the good side to moving is majority of the items we own are going to new homes so its just our clothes and bed we are keeping.

Thanks for reading x


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