Christmas Prep with hand made cards and prints

Some may think its still a little early to be thinking of christmas but i am always overly organised and like to have everything planned out, i am not a last minute shopper or thinker.

I have always been very crafty and creative growing up and with having my own small hobby making cards and prints it made sense for me to come up with some designs ready for the festive period creeping upon us.

Here are some cards i have made so far ready for this christmas.

I love my new print i made yesterday ready to display when all the decorations and trimmings go up.

I have kept to blue and silver as thats the colours of my home as well as my christmas tree baubles and decorations.

I also made some more christmas cards to give to friends and family as its much cheaper than buying a generic pack everyone else can buy from clintons or card factory, these are more personal as the time has been spent on making them which was really easy and quick if you know how to.

I also like making my own gift tags and bows to go along side the gifts and presents and i always stick to a theme with the wrapping paper colours, which is always brown plain paper and silver and blue, i still have some i bought last year in the sale after christmas as they where selling them off from boots and Sainsburys (good tip buy in the sales ready for next year).

Here is a selection of some of my baubles and decorations, i got most of mine online and then some others from tk maxx, home sense and marks and Spencers ranging from £1 upwards.

This is my christmas tree from last year, i am not a huge fan of christmas as two sad events happened for me and my family and its never been the same since, but i wanted to make it as good as i could especially as it was mine and Dans 1st christmas in our new home and my 1st christmas back in the country as the previous year i was in Dubai.

The tree was from the range and it cost £85.

I am not a fan of multicolour baubles or lights on a tree, i like to stick to a theme of colours that work well together plus it matched my lounge.

My advice is to buy as many christmas decorations in the sale or before it gets close to December as all the good ones will be gone as the stock will change or the stores will run out of what you liked, shop around too as b&m and home bargains have some great buys instore.

I am all about supporting small local businesses as more thought and time has gone into them than most mass produced items on the high streets as obscene amounts, keep that in mind when buying items this year their are lots of nice items handmade available on etsy.

Thanks for reading and i hope you get behind small businesses for some gifts or get creative and crafty in making your own. x

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