Recap on the last week 13th – 20th sept

Weekly blog number 3, these weeks are flying by at the minute i cant believe hoe quick this year is going.

For September we had a couple of hot days last week, Wednesday was the hottest September on record for 40 years in the uk, our summers aren’t summers we nave more rainy days than warm days, i made the most of the weather by enjoy the sun and having some me time.

I always catch the sun really quick and get brown instantly, which isn’t a bad thing as its always nice to have a bronze glow during the autumn months.

I became unwell on Friday as i have numerous issues with my ear and have a lot of infections due to perforated eardrums and i am losing my hearing in my left ear which is frustrating  especially at my age, it just comes on out of nowhere and the pain is excruciating. 

Due to having so many things going on at the minute, i am the type of person to bottle everything up and then it hits me all at once and thats what happened at the weekend, i suffered a anxiety attack on Saturday and it throw me off as i was so anxious and upset its made me lack any motivation for the past few days and still now, I hate feeling like this as i want to always remain positive and as happy as possible.

The best thing i can suggest for anxiety and felling panicky is this book which has helped me so many times in the past and i am having to read over it again now, it is expensive to buy but its the best book out their, i printed mine offline it took me a while as theres loads of pages but its worth the ink and paper.

On Sunday i made a gluten free Fodmap friendly Sunday dinner but i didn’t enjoy it, i never do when i cook it myself but because i cant risk contamination eating out i have no choice but to cook all my own food from scratch, we also made a Paul hollywoods recipe for jam and lemon tarts but they weren’t anything to rave about and now i am trying to perfect my pastry skills.

I have just done my online food shop from Morrison and going to have a clear out of stuff we have that we don’t need for when we move out in 5 weeks time, i have moved 8 times in the last 4 years and i know we wont be settled properly for a while so i am going to have to get used to living out a suitcase again.

I bought lots of new makeup last week too and i will do a makeup blog along with my 2nd part of the September buys.

Thanks for reading and sorry its a miserable gloomy blog compared to my others x


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