New makeup and reviews

As Well as buying some new clothes this month ready for colder months approaching i have also treated myself to some new makeup, which i didn’t need i just really liked the look of and wanted to try.

Here is what i have bought in makeup so far this month;

I picked up the Tanya Burr peachy glow cheek palette from Superdrug and cost me £8 I have seen Tanya use this a lot on her vlogs and wanted to give it a try and i am glad i have as the blusher is lovely and i use the bronzer for contouring and the packaging is really nice too.

I have been using Avon products since i was at secondary school and love the range of products and how they do really good dupes to the big names in department stores, i got the colour corrector pearls as they are a great dupe to the guerlain ones and much cheaper, i also got a calming effects powder foundation which is so smooth on my face and a new concealer corrector in the shade medium.

All the items at Avon where on offer and came to £14.50.

Makeup revolution is one of my favourite brands at the minute as its so affordable and the dupes are amazing especially the new Ultra pro glow palette its identical to the Anastasia ones.

This was £10 from Superdrug online it sells out really quickly but i am not surprised as its a must have.

I also got a set of three nude ultra lip glosses from makeup revolution and these where so cheap at £4 i think for the set of 3, i previously reviewed these in my nude lip blog.

I had seen so many bloggers and vloggers using the new rimmel foundation and at the introductory price of £5.50 and i wanted to give it a try, I do like the product however i find it to be a very wet foundation when first applied but it sits well on my face and gives a good all over cover plus it lasts all day.

I got the foundation in the shade; classic beige from boots.

I picked up the corrections concealer in the shade 1 which i apply under my eyes to brighten them up this was £4.75.

I wanted to add to my Nyx collection and bought the butter gloss in Creme brûlée this was £5.50 also from boots.

I always need new makeup brushes and i found these on eBay for £3.99 for a set of 10 they came in different colours but i wanted pink.

My order from Tam beauty finally arrived on Monday after 16 days of waiting for it to be delivered as they move to a bigger warehouse but failed to tell any of there customers, anyway this is what i got.

I bought the strobing highlighter a new lipstick which doesn’t suit me and then the freedom eyebrow gel in the shade; chocolate, i used the eyebrow gel today and i really like it and recommend it, this all came to £11 plus £3.95 postage, in future i will always buy my makeup revolution products from superdrug as Tam beauty lack customer service and it takes far to long for items to be delivered.

I hope you like my makeup buys for September thanks for reading x


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