Primark haul plus some other bits i bought

Lets get to it, last Wednesday i went to Meadowhall which is in Sheffield and its a large indoor shopping mall with the best Primark around me in my opinion.

Here is what i picked up;

I got a crinkle top in a khaki green, these are in lots of shops at the minute with the pleats and fits me really nice and washes well too.

I also got it in a black version too, as i buy everything in black normally and you can never have too many black tops.

I picked up two of these satin style vest tops in a grey and a black, i have seen these same tops in New look for £14.99 each.

My favourite item i got was this dusky pink bomber jacket, its quilted inside and very warm its a great piece to wear with the transition from autumn to winter, New look and Pretty little thing have the same one in for £30 plus Primark had lots of colours to chose from too like Navy, Black, Green and Cream.

This is me wearing it so you can see how it looks and fits, i would say its fit a little oversized and i could have gotten away with the 6 but i don’t like showing my figure off or wearing anything too fitted.

I also picked up some face wipes which where a pack of 2 for £1 i got the sensitive skin pack.

They had lots of great pieces in to chose from and i really like the make up section they had too, i got a new rose gold hairbrush and this amazing contour brush.

The brush was £2 i think and the contour brush was £1.50 absolute bargain.

I love Primark it has some great pieces in their at affordable prices some things can be a bit tacky or poorly made and then their are some gems you can find which are half the price of other high street stores i.e Topshop and New look.

I just wish Primark was available to buy online as it would make my life easier every month to not have to make a trip to Meadowhall as the store in Mansfield isn’t very good as all they seem to stock is leggings and vests.

In total it all came to about £60 which i thinks really good for everything i got.

I picked some other bits up from New look and Asos too and got them delivered.

These where from Asos at £20 i love the blush pink colour and i wanted some fashion trainers as i hate anything with logos and branding all over them, i got these in a size 3 they did blister my feet the 1st time i wore them and have yet to wear them again, but they look nice.

I got these 2 items from New look and i am so impressed with their jeans they fit so well and a great price compared to what i usually pay in Topshop for Jamie jeans at £42.

The jeans where Blue mom jeans at £24.99 and the black t-shirt was £9.99 i got them both in a size 8.

Part 2 of September buys will be uploaded next week with makeup items and some bits i got from eBay.

Thanks for reading x

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