Recap on the last week 6th Sept – 13th Sept

Weekly blog no.2 and the last week has involved lots of shopping! opps i did it again! 

Wednesday i went to Meadowhall at Sheffield, which is a big indoor shopping mall and my favourite shop their is the Primark as its huge and always has lots of great bargains in, i picked up a few new bits (which ill post on my September buys blog later in the month).

My mum kindly treated to me to some new bits from Primark.

For dinner at Meadowhall we took my mum for her 1st ever Five guys burger and she loved it, this was the 1st time i had eaten meat or had a Five guys since returning from Florida in June,I do like a Five guys burgers but i am not a fan of the fries cooked in peanut oil, i much prefer shake shack shack cheesy fries! for anyone who’s never tried Five guys i would recommend it, its more expensive than mcdonalds or burger king but cooked fresh in front of you and worth the money.

I have been looking after Dan most of last week as he’s got severe tonsillitis and can’t talk, eat and struggling to sleep with the pain, he’s got a strong course of antibiotics and he’s just got to ride it out unfortunately, he’s living off ice cream and jelly at the minute.

I finally collected my new glasses from Specsavers in Ilkeston on Friday, every time i go its like nobody wants to be their they all dislike the job and give off the impression they would rather be somewhere else or are to busy chatting about their Friday night plans to help! Anyway little moan about the customer service but i love my new glasses and hope they help me with my prisms in my eyes.

The weekend was another chilled one especially as it rained all day Saturday for us and was a miserable day so i decided to get organised and threw out lots of old clothes and shoes, if i haven’t worn it in 6 months it goes in a bag straight to charity plus i cant take everything with me when we go to America so need to be strict on what i take with me.

As you can see from my wardrobe i like black clothes the best! 

We also watched the X factor i like watching the auditions more than the live shows because when they do Brittany and Abba week i get bored, my favourite audition so far was 3 lads called 5am they sang a version of Drakes One dance and i loved it, have a look for it on youtube.

I Have been watching lots of youtube lately and i love being inspired by other bloggers and my favourite vloggers to watch are Josie (fashionmumblr), Zoella, Tanya burr and Mrs Meldrum they all come across great and so down to earth and they don’t take themselves serious unlike others i have watched before and they are relatable.

I have had to complain and cancel an order from tambeauty i use them a lot and buy a lot of makeup from them online due to their lack of updates to their customers,  the company are currently moving to a bigger warehouse to stock more brands and products which is great but they have kept the website open for customers to make purchases knowing full well we are paying for 48 hour royal mail delivery and we still aren’t receiving the items after 2 weeks, i have emailed them twice and they offered me 10% off my next purchase even though this order still hasn’t arrived, i have now asked to cancel the order and buy from Superdrug instead as it will be with me in 2 days time, this has put me off using the site in future and i am not the only disgruntled customer.

I will upload my September buys blog in 2 parts I’ll do a clothes one and a make up one so keep a look out.

Thanks for reading x

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