A recap of the last week 30th Aug – 6th Sept

This is a liitle different to my usual blogs as i have decided to write a weekly blog every Tuesday with a summary of my highs and lows of the week and a few things i got upto in that week.

I don’t feel like i have done that much really as my time has been spent updating my instagram account and focusing on the house, as we have been given a date to move  ( as we are renting and the landlord has now sold it) the end of October is when we have to be out, i am excited but very anxious as we are a little in limbo with regards to where or how long we will be living in the Uk for.

I have a great relationship with my mum and she is brillant with regards to supporting me and my dreams in life, It’s a shame not everyone can feel that way towards us and our decisions, we have a lot of negative people in our life’s and people like that annoy me as they always want to put you down when you can be at your happiest.

I am not sure if i have mentioned before but we are planning on a big move to America later this year as thats the place we have both loved and visited for many years and as they say (It’s the land of oppurtunity) as the longer i spend back in England the more i dislike the place and ive only been back here 18 months its just so exspensive to live here, Dan can do his coaching and i can do real estate for holiday homes.

Last week i did a nice afternoon tea for my mum for a treat for her birthday which was over bank holiday,we dont go out over bank holiday anymore i think you grow out of that when you get to our ages ( well mine as im nearly 30).

I am successfully on my 2nd week of my new Fodmap diet and i am loving it, i have felt so much better, i have more energy with more options of foods to eat and i haven’t been ill which is great,I am keeping a food diary every day and i will show this to my dietician next month when i see her as i just need to moniter my weight as i feel i have lost more and now under 7st which isn’t great.

We had a pretty chilled weekend as i am still struggling with social anxiety i hate going to public places especially at the weekends as everywhere is too crowded, we started to make a list of everything in the house to sell before we move as we are only keeping the bed and our clothes.

I went to Specsavers yesterday to get my eyes tested again, I have been wearing glasses since i was about 8yrs old and the older i have gotten my eyes have got worse as i have a prism in each eye and my right eye is worse than my left, i selected some harry potter style glasses and i get to pick them up on friday.

These are my new glasses from Specsavers they are £45 which is good for glasses as i dont see the point in buying a designer pair as they are serving a purpose and are still trendy.

I have been buying more makeup from Nyx and Makeup revolution plus a few bits from Asos, i will post the pictures in my (September what i bought blog).

Thanks for reading x


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