A very special Gluten free afternoon tea

I have always wanted to go for afternoon tea to The Ritz in London ever since i can remember and have never got around to going, as i am gluten free and wheat free its hard to accommodate for me when eating out at most places so i thought i would make my own afternoon tea at home.

The occasion was for my mums birthday and i thought i would do something special and meaningful and make her a nice afternoon english tea ,i made all my own desserts using gluten free flours, i did finger sandwiches and scones (both of which i didn’t eat as they weren’t gf) and i also made all the place settings and buntings as i wanted it to be authentic looking.

I had it all planned out in my head the theme the colours and image i wanted and it turned out perfectly. 

I borrowed my mums fine china tea set shes had for about 35 years which worked great with the colour scheme.

I made a selection of gluten free treats to enjoy, choc chip cakes, sprinkle cakes and some jam drops which where all delicious.

Heres a image of some of the foods at the tea party for my mums birthday.

I made her a birthday cake too which was a traditional Victoria sponge cake and it was my most favourite and tastiest cake I’ve made yet and all the family loved it.

This is the recipe i used i adapted it by using gluten free self raising doves farm flour.

And this is the finished cake once cooled and decorated with a nice cup of yorkshire tea.

Thanks for reading x


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