What is a Fodmap diet?

I have previously mentioned on my Instagram that i am now following a Fodmap diet as this was recommended to me as even though i haven’t eaten gluten or wheat in nearly 8 years i am still getting bloated, stomach cramps, headaches and so on and i am getting pretty annoyed with my drs and the consultants at the hospital as i am no further forward into managing my symptoms and to be honest they don’t seem to care whats so ever about me or my health.

You read so many stories now days of how people have been misdiagnosed or the drs haven’t picked up on certain signs and symptoms, i am not about to let this happen to me, I am yet again waiting for more invasive tests to be done on me as well as all the endless blood tests etc i am having done monthly, i feel like a human guinea pig yet no further forward with any medication to manage my symptoms or reasons to why my body rejects so many things i eat.

I have suffered with Ibs since i was in my late teens and this is a diet thats recommended to control those symptoms as well as gluten intolerance’s, I am now on a strict 4-5 smaller meals a day with this diet as my body is struggling to gain any weight plus i don’t have the energy anymore.

Here is a summary of what Fodmap stands for and is;

This is a list of foods in green i can eat and then a list in red of what i need to avoid;

I have found a lot if inspiration and information via pinterest but also on social media sights as there are so many people doing this who have symptoms just like mine.

I have found these to be very helpful when shopping online and checking food ingredients as some things on Fodmap i can eat which i never thought i would be able to again, I am still living on a gluten free diet with no meats or eggs or fish, which isn’t easy i used to love eggs and meat but they don’t agree with me and make me instantly sick, i am missing out on my protein but my body rejects it every time i eat it so there isn’t much i can do andI don’t like quorn alternatives.

I would suggest maybe following something like this if you are anything like me with gluten free diets, i am hoping this helps me a lot more, as i am keeping a food diary everyday of what goes in my body and then i can start to do a process of illumination if something bloats my stomach and makes me look 5 months pregnant.

This is an american Fodmap shopping list i came across of pinterest as there doesn’t seem to be one for certain brands we can eat here in the Uk.

I hope this helps anyone else suffering on a daily basis like me.

Thanks for reading x


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